Trojan Horse

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The political debates rage on

Nasty politics as usual

Twists of truth filled with lies;

and we believe…

what we have already set in our minds

But, with every election

there come a Trojan Horse;

One of beauty and promise

captivating the minds of believers;

Promising they are on you side

The Trojan Horse of politics

doesn’t come sculpted in wood or stone;

Rather, ladened with sculpted words

carved and shaped to entice…

Believing there is nothing within them

that would change or harm us

Don’t be swayed by outward words.

Look deep into the sculpted belly

of hidden agendas and dark money;

Into the self-centered soul of the beast (politics)

that in the end will burst open

disillusion // and destroy us all!

Tipping the Money-Changers


Tomorrow is the Christian celebration of Palm Sunday, remembering the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem the week before his crucifixion. When he arrived at the Temple he was aghast at the way in which the religious money changers, representatives of the Faith, were ripping off the worshipers coming to Jerusalem for Passover.  This raised a righteous anger with in Jesus to the point that he went through the court yard dumping over the tables scattering money everywhere. He told them they had made his father’s house a den of thieves. (Luke 19)

I shared this background to say, I understand how Jesus must have felt. When I watch what goes on in Congress with our elected representatives, it raises a righteous ire in my spirit as well. It make me feel that their tables need to be tipped over. When you understand what goes on it seems like we to have a den of thieves supposedly working on our behalf.  Wish we also had some tables we could dump over as well. Perhaps that is at the voting booth!

Our Representatives      

We call it democracy voting our choice

Representing our views in Washington, DC

Millions of dollars over and under to get their seat

Bought by specters hiding in the shadows

Dark money like deep dark stinking swamp muck

A quicksand of soul-selling to the highest bidder

All remembering to repay the piper as he calls the dance

We think they are looking out for our best interest

Down deep we all know for sure it’s not true

Like many other choices in life we blindly believe

Hoping to get a few crumbs from the Richman’s table

“Feed them Cake” they say and they’ll be happy

Sitting in leather-bound chairs laughing at us fools

Arguing and fussing like schoolyard bullies they banter

Punching words at one another in meaningless chatter

The great pretenders of our time… our representatives

Inside traders, schemers, looking out for #1

Coming out millionaires with a lifetime of care

Snubbing their noses

At the common man

Still we believe… to not would mean revolution!!


Photo: Dwight L. Roth