Territorial Egos


After listening to what was happening in the political realm this morning, I could not help seeing the comparison between our President and these beautiful birds. See what you think as you view these rare shots!! They were too good to pass up!

After all these years of evolving,  the male apparently  still has not learned how to successfully communicate with the female!


He is often weak in his approach and then has to be dominate  in order to feel good about himself.  Past cultural norms have only reinforced this attitude.


When  confrontation occurs his first reaction is often defensive, trying to protect his fragile ego! He does not handle criticism very well.


It does not take long for tempers to flare. Accusations fly and everything is up in the air!


He is not happy until he has won the argument and totally humiliated his opponent. For some reason he can’t seem to let it rest and at times it spills out into the street!


Too bad he can seem to learn from strong self-confident females how to live, work, and share. No need to feel threatened.  Simply accept one another’s differences and enjoy each other’s company. She had no trouble sharing the feeder with the finches and sparrows.

Amazing what we can learn from the birds. These birds came to my feeder this morning. I am guessing that the cardinals are both immature (no pun intended) the colors are not fully developed. The female house finch just wanted to share the feeder in peace, but the male Cardinal would have none of that! He had to be king and run her off. I think he was quite surprised to see such a little bird stand her ground. It was a rare and wonderful site to see! Enjoy!!

Photos: Dwight L. Roth






Living Outside the Box

Covered Walkway at Pattillo Elem.

“Do you know what it means to sacrifice?” This was the question posed to Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. He went on to say how hard he has worked to build fantastic buildings and put people to work.  All of this in comparison to the family who lost a son while saving his men from a suicide bomber. I believe many of us are more like Trump than the one who made the ultimate sacrifice. How many of us who are white have our children in schools where they are the minority? How many of us work two or even three jobs. How many of us are worried when we leave our house that we might be accosted by a policeman who is profiling us.  We live outside the box that the black community experiences every day. We have plenty to say, but we do not understand their sacrifice.


Living Outside the Box

The world continually changes

Right in front of our eyes

Shootings of young black men

Retaliatory shootings of cops

Believing our perspective is right

Shaped by a misguided media

Alive with authoritative bias

Salivating over the sensational the salacious

Living safer behind our social walls

Guarding our entitlements

Shielding our kids from harsh reality

Others struggle with little choice

Perpetuating entitlements of a different kind

A system unchanged money pouring in

Researchers in a societal lab of poverty

Conducting the experiments

But never being part of it

Give me Comfort Not Truth


What drives your choices? If you are honest you would say it is self-interest,  security, and a sense of entitlement. When our security or way of life feels threatened we are like a raccoon backed into a corner. We come  out hissing and spitting with our claws out. The older I get the more I move in the direction of wanting life to stay the same. Change makes me very uncomfortable.  It is easy to turn a blind eye to what is happening in the world. The thing is, the world is constantly changing. I may not like everything, but it will happen whether I like it or not. This poem talks about resistance to change and the feeling of entitlement.

Give Me Comfort…Not Truth

Give me comfort not truth

…It suits me better and eases my mind

In my fine house   …Behind the gate

…just down the lane

I close the door     …I don’t feel your pain

Give me comfort not truth     …Salve my guilt

…hide my shame

In my fine car    I’m not to blame

I drive on   …can’t be soiled or stained

Give me comfort not truth

…Save my soul free my mind

As I drop a five in your plate for the bottom line

I close my eyes     …my heart is blind

Give me comfort not truth

…Oh what tangled webs we weave

Don’t tell me you love me

Just please don’t tell me to leave …

Give me comfort not truth

…As I consume Earth’s wealth

Never blinking     …Fill me up

My car, My boat, My SUV, and My truck

…Isn’t life grand!

Give me comfort not truth

…Tell me what I want to hear.

God loves me more than he loves you

Maybe next year    …I’ll help you too

Give me comfort not truth   …Vote for me I’m God’s man

Tell ‘em to get a job      No more helping hand.

I’ll send our young solders    …to fight in Iran

Give me comfort not truth     …My views are always best.


I’ll close my mind       …and just pretend.

Give me comfort not truth

We are the “chosen ones” …we are blessed

We deserve it,   This “Christian Nation”

No aid for them     …In their situation

Give me comfort not truth

…Could I be wrong?

No, it would be too hard to change

This good life     …will always stay the same

God Bless the USA