Time and Perspective

EER_0208 (2)

“A time for every purpose under heaven…”
A perspective for all of us to consider…

A time for thinking…
Seems everything moves but me
Watching trees turn green

Tinnitus drowns cricket’s song
Tick-or-tape thoughts click on by…


…Which time will it be for me?

Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Crickets’ Last Song

Bridgewater Elementary - terrariam

One fall, in my early years of teaching Elementary School, I built a terrarium creating a closed ecosystem for my classroom. We included dirt,  gravel, chunks of grass, rocks and sticks. We found a large preying mantis on the schoolyard and put it in the tank, along with a toad, earthworms, moths, pill bugs, and crickets. The students really enjoyed watching all the activity in the tank.

The crickets in the tank made their chirping sounds as we went about our school day. Little did they know the mantis sitting silently  up on the dead branch was waiting patiently  for her chance to grab one of them for lunch. When the mantis caught one, the children watched in awe as she systematically devoured the cricket. She was preparing to create her egg sac!

Cricket’s soulful sound

Chirping last mating song __

Fall mantis waiting


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Victoria at d’Verse gave us crickets as our prompt for Haibun Monday.  Crickets are an indication that fall is on the way once more. I decided to share how crickets contribute to my classroom during my teaching day back in the 1970’s

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Music in the Key of G


Most of us think of music as something that is sung or played on and instrument. We may not be aware that there is music all around us. Music is the arrangement  and production of sounds and tones with unity and continuity. This poem shares all of the sounds around us that we might take for granted that have a musical quality to them. I did the painting above to show that music has movement and flow throughout.

Nature’s Music in the Key of G

Ebb and flow creating music for our ears

Oceans rolling gently onto a sandy beach

Crashing waves revealing the power of nature

Washes away anything in its path

A bubbling stream rolls over the rocks

Flowing in harmony with wind and birds

Listen to the rain beating down on a tin roof

Nature’s washboard of Cajun rhythms

Now and then a percussion clap of thunder

Punctuating the music with a boom

As flashes of the ELO lights the stage

The rustle of snare drum leaves

Playing to sandy perfection under it all

Rising and falling as the wind conducts

Little wrens with piccolo voices

Add harmonic pitches to the production

The cold snowy winds of December

Whistle as they sneak ‘round our porch

Playing against the crackling fire

Licking the burning logs with smacking lips

So much music all around

The frogs on warm summer nights

Cicadas making their seventeen year debut

Cricket violins playing behind hearth stones

Wild geese honking

As they fly north to their summer homes

All bring their harmonies to the score

Blending in the ebb and flow

Of nature’s grand symphony in the key of G


Painting of G Clef – Dwight L. Roth