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Who ever said, “A penny saved is a penny earned!”

I say, “A penny saved is a penny to spend!”

But then again, there are many who twist this even more

“A penny spent is one that cost you more!”

Especially when it is imaginary // on the card

How easy it is to spend those invisible pennies

When all it takes is a signature of promise

To repay it all someday // in the future

Then there are some whose adage is

“A penny spent is a penny stolen…

From some poor twit who was dumb enough

              to trust me!”

In Canada they no longer have pennies!

A penny there is only in your dreams



Jilly at d’verse asked us to take an old adage and give it a twist. I decided to twist the Penny adage. “A penny saved is a penny earned!”

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Running on Empty


This week my wife told me her car needed gas. She said it was almost empty. I asked her how close it was and she told me the odometer said it had a range of 15 miles! As I headed for the gas station I watched the miles click down to 11 when I finally reached the pump. I wonder sometimes, how many people live their live running on empty with only a range of 15 miles till everything falls apart.  Perhaps that is how we ended up in the great recession we experienced ten years ago.

Struggling to survive

Credit Cards filled to the max

Running on empty


Photo: Dwight L. Roth