Truth Telling

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 Art is often unappreciated till the artist is long dead.
By then a new generation who reads and hears
or looks and sees values the beauty others missed.


Artists paint and poets write their understanding of truth
in hopes that it will resonate with another soul.
Words bring light in a dark night of disillusionment.


Truth is often ignored, denied, or rejected
So we wrap it in enticing words that draw you in
then lay it out with arrows that gently pierce your soul;
Hoping that a few will stick long enough to make a difference.

~Dwight L. Roth`

 Painting : Dwight L. Roth


This sums up why we write and create art…

Posterity may even, will likely even, forget us entirely. And yet, we are writing. And we are, for the purposes of this discussion at least, thinking about writing something of immediate force that might remain relevant to the future.” ~ Czeslaw Milosz

Quote taken from: the Poetry Foundation


Tell It Slant

How to write a wise poem.


Rising from the Ashes


Rise from the ashes of your personal destruction gathering strength and renewal!  There is something about the phoenix rising that attracts me every time I see it. It is a striking image of hope amid despair… strength from tragedy…and the power of renewal as we press on with life. when the world around us would love to see us crash and burn!

This is a painting I completed today showing my interpretation of the Phoenix Rising From the Ashes! I hoped to create a striking image that would force one to look at it and think about its message!  This is larger than most of the painting I do measuring three feet wide and five feet tall. I really love the way it all came together!






As you can see the canvas was too tall for my easel, so I sat it on my car ramps and propped it against the easel instead.


Photos: Dwight L. Roth & Ruth Roth