Wild Rose Country

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The Desert Rose of the Southwest has a first cousin in the Northwest. On the planes of Alberta, Canada the Wild Rose grows abundantly. In fact, in the 1930s it was chosen as the provincial flower. Alberta is now known as Wild Rose Country. It is amazing how they thrive and bloom in such a dry and hostile environment. Frank Tassone, asked us to write a Haikai poem that eludes to the Desert Rose.

Desert Rose blooming
Freely on desert and plains
Reminds us to bloom
Wherever we are planted
Beauty thrives in harsh places

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Desert Rose from Frank Tassone Haikai prompt.     (mamavacado)

Patio Picnic

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One of my great memories is spending part of a week with my two cousins at a vacation house along Stone Mountain in Pennsylvania. We had a beautiful view of Big Valley, where I spent five summers working on their farm. We enjoyed catching up with what we had been doing and taking a walk to the local Amish  Bakery. A patio picnic with fresh corn on the cobb and baked chicken topped off the visit.

Summer picnic enjoyed

Great food good conversation

Sweetheart celebrates


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Gina, at d’Verse. reflects on picnics with her family over the years,  and asked us to write about a picnic we remember.

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ChristopherSwallowing the coke bottle 001

When our son was young he had a cousin who was three years older. We were just starting out in our marriage and were grateful for any hand-me-downs that came our way. My sister gave us the clothes that her Brian outgrew. This little stocking cap and a sweater to match were some of our favorites.

As I thought about the concept of hand-me-downs, it struck me that all of our creations are really hand-me-downs borrowed from those who have gone before us.


What have we created that has not already been

Songs, art, music, style, design, color, people & more

All hand-me-downs from what already exists

Rearranging blocks in a pile // building creative towers

Finding ideas // resources from what has gone before

Nothing new under the sun…

What’s old becomes new // What’s new becomes old

The cycle of life // our DNA

Never really new // simply rearranged from his and hers

Even cloning takes something to start with

Many scoff at the idea of Creationism

But, everything we have, are, and ever will be

Is simply hand-me-downs from our Creator


B&W Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Minni 2016

Coming out of the Swiss Chalet restaurant after a great dinner, we came upon this Mini parked right beside our car.  Little cousin loved it.  He posed for me beside the drivers side door. It made the perfect match. Little boy…Little Mini. How cute!

A little boy’s dream

“Look daddy, a car that is my size!”

“Can we take it home?”


Photo: Dwight L. Roth – 2016

Death and Life


Mourning the loss of an uncle today

Everyone gathered to say goodbye

A sad occasion yet a celebration of life

Reviewing a life well lived and too soon gone

A reunion of sorts where the family gathers

Not only to say goodbye but to say hello

Many years of disconnect come together

Childhood cousins now grown break bread

Speak of their Uncle with stories to tell of their own

Following the funeral a long ride in the country

Enjoying corn fields and bubbling creeks

Looking for pieces of history finding some

At Great Grandpa’s millpond next to the Snavely Mill

A beautiful gift rises into the air


A great white heron with spreading wings

A reminder that along with history and reconnections

Life goes on

Life is beautiful

Life is still worth living


Photo: Dwight L. Roth






59 Chevy

1959 Black and White

Back then things were pretty much black and white

The TVs the schools and our 59 Chevy

Two little guys not a worry in the world

Cousins at play and pose for me today

One a redhead the other a blond

Rosy cheeks and full of giggles and hats that match

Great friends together sharing a common bond

It was a slower time no cellphone or computers

Just High School football cute cheerleaders

poodle skirts  Elvis and April Love

How fast we grow old as we look back and sigh

Remembering 1959 when we played outside

Batman and Robin were in black and  white

Superman and cartoons and  Jetson’s flight

Dick Tracy was a comic strip so was Ally Oop

Lone Ranger and Tonto gave us all a big whoop

Had so much fun as we screamed and shouted

Running through the woods with wild abandon

Daniel Boone Davy Crockett and coon skin caps

We learned just as much we were still just as smart

In our black and white world where we played all alone


Photo: Dwight L. Roth