Unmovable Rock

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Spring is all around us, spreading pollen as leaves and flowers flourish. The joy of springtime is not inhibited by human crisis! Rocks remind us that what is solid is unmoved. As we lift prayers and hope for those working on the front lines of the Coronavirus, we must remember that the words on our coins are not just a nice saying, but rather the solid rock of our faith… In God We Trust!

Beauty rises high

above all // glorious Spring

Rocks remain solid


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



Happiness and Joy

Ruth;s Tile

In this time of uncertainty we soon find out who we really are as people. Some go into a tail spin and become fearful of every little thing. Others try in vain to stock up hoards of stuff to satisfy their manic tendencies. Some believe God is in control and all will work out in time for our good.  For many, happiness is gone; replaced with anxiety. I am sure we all experience some of these tendencies. How we approach a crisis is much the same as we approach our every day life. Happiness is like the weather; sunny one day and raining the next. Joy goes to the core of our being and sustains us through the bad weather that will come in our lives. Remember what is important in life.

Happiness and Joy
Happiness is a little bird
Perched on the rail
Right within my grasp
Only to fly away
The moment
I reach out to take hold of it.
Joy is the blood
Pumping through my veins
A constant rhythm of rejuvenation
Not something to be possessed
Rather something to be
Joy is what keeps my soul alive


I posted this back in December, but feel it might be helpful to post it again.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Who’s In Charge?

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Through it all the animals roam freely
while humans withdraw in their dread and fear
not venturing out // where birds sing sweetly
Our furry and feathered friends worry not
going about their gatherings with cheer;
living lives daily with nary a thought.
Resigned to their fate, they’ve no ears to hear.
While superior beings listen in fear…
Newscasts shout, “Cornovirus is near!”
What makes us believe we should rule the world?
We read it on pages // good books are clear
we’re invincible // destined // brash and bold…
Perhaps, it’s now time to accept our state;
realizing we are not superior here;
and, like the animals accept our fate.
Live life with purpose making each day count.
Knowing in God we trust through every tear…
we face each tomorrow as tensions mount.


I see people racing to the store to buy up toilet paper, I notice all around me in nature is still the same. The birds sing the squirrels raid my feeder without a thought. We have a lot to learn about our place in this world and nature has many ways to help keep us in perspective.




powers of 10

The coronovirus outbreak may seem small in the US at the moment, but for an untreatable virus on the loose it is important to understand the exponential component of it all. I am not a math person by any means, but the chart above shows how ten persons who have the virus could spread it to a hundred, which would spread to a thousand, etc. By the time it is shared six times it is already up to a millon; Therefore, it is important to take it all seriously and realize it will multiply exponentially as we saw happen in China. Be safe and protect yourself. Take precautions, and this too will pass.

Exponential growth
All must take precautions now
Birds are still singing

Chart from Bing Images

Unwelcome Changes

NCAA canceled

 “Life happens when we have other plans.”   ~Towes

This seems to be the case with the spread of the coronavirus across the globe. Life is in a state of unwelcome change for many. We like our life of schedules, work, and recreation. But when we get to the point of closures, cancellations, and quarantine, we begin to feel the pinch so to speak. Today at d’Verse, Bjorn asked to use lists as our basis for a poem. This subject seemed to be well suited for the prompt.

First it is China
Then Japan along with
Italy and Korea.
It’s affected
all of Europe
Now it’s knocking
on our door.
Some in panic
many in denial
others will just
stay home for awhile.

Games are canceled;
along with movies and plays.
Schools and colleges closed
NBA and NCAA too.

A lesson for all of us…
Life // unlike climate change
can be drastically altered
in a very short time.

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Picture from bingimages.com


Whether panic is needed seems to depend on those who seed it …

~Na’ama Yehuda

coronavirus photo

Who you gonna call
When there’s no number given?
All in a panic, listening to the news;
We, who are used to a very quick fix;
A pill to cure all our ills.
Fear causes quite a stir
When there’s no one to call.

This evening at d’Verse, De Jackson asked us to write a Quidrille of exactly 44 words using the word stir.  With the Coronavirus causing a major world wide stir, I thought I would write about our reaction to it.

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Bing Photo: World Health Organization