Cookies Anyone?


Some photos don’t need an explanation. These sweet little girls and their moms were outside our restaurant this evening selling Girl Scout Cookies!  It doesn’t get any better than this… Poetry Without Words!

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Memories of Smell


Memories of Smell

Memories of smell seem to linger on

Embedded in our minds long after they’re gone

The smell of Mom’s sugar cookies gooey and sweet

Fresh out of the oven on a flat cookie sheet

The sweet smell of love its perfumed scent lingers on

Recalling excitement enchantment long since gone

Hugs at the end of the day filled with warm aromatic sweat

Aromas a grown child remembers no matter how old he gets

Mom’s talcum powder soft sweet pepper in the air

Brought comfort and love as we sat in her chair

The smell of stale smoke on clothes and in the car

Carpooling butt-filled tray inhaling all that tar

Smelling that Tide from the old ringer washer

Watching suds squeeze out soap under pressure

Fresh-cut alfalfa lying green in the sun

Dried hay in the barn when the day is done

Then there’s the stable with manure’s rich aroma

Wafting ‘cross the olfactory a smell like no other

His jacket still hanging on the nail near the door

Still carries his smell recalling good times and more

Sweet memories carry us on through the years

Smells take us back leaving joy and tears


Photo: Dwight L. Roth