My Most Shining Moment

Mom and Dwight on her 93rd 001 (3)

In June of 2007, my two sons and I drove from North Carolina and Virginia to visit my mom in Eastern Pennsylvania. She was celebrating her 93rd, and last birthday. She passed away in August of that year. It was a wonderful visit. She was so happy to see her grandsons, and the love was felt all around. Though our visit was short, it was a very meaningful time for all of us.

My mother’s love shared

 Summer’s most  shining moment ,,,

August she was gone


Photo: Chris Roth

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Photo: Don Ziegler

Lillian at d’Verse, asked us to think about our most shining moment. She referred to the end of March Madness when they shoe clips of the most shinning moments of the tournament! Our assignment was to write a Haibun of prose, followed by a traditional Haiku, describing our most shining moment. There are several that I could have chosen, such as our wedding, births of our boys, our 50th, etc. , but I decided to choose my last visit with my mother.

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I hear of people who go off by themselves for days at a time to look inward and outward experiencing self-awareness and spiritual renewal! I never understood that at all. For me life is full of interaction and connection that stimulates my mind and soul. Some may think I am shallow as a result, but for me introspection comes through connection.
Climbing down into the darkness of being alone;
Feeling lost and disconnected with others all around.
It’s like making my way through mind mazes with no exit…
Finding more than I bargained for in this cavern of the soul.
No // I must stay connected to thrive feeding off others.
I never found myself a good enough friend to myself
to make me want to become a recluse.
Short stints of contemplation are fine;
An evening of writing poetry stimulates my mind;
But // I would never ever want to be alone
over any lengthy period of time

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Bjorn at d’Verse asked us to think about how we handle solitude. Many folks have had to deal with being disconnected and alone during this time of pandemic! There is a sense of loss that come with that, but it is a time that can be used for creative purposes as well.

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The Missing Piece


The Missing Piece

You might be the missing piece to someone else’s puzzle

The one they’ve been searching for all their life

A friend who helps connect the dots in life’s puzzle

One who brings sweet harmony to your song of the day

You may be the missing piece of someone else’s puzzle

The one who brings stability and strength into their life

Providing confidence and self-esteem to their struggles

Absorbing some of the negative energy they endure

You might be the piece to someone else’s puzzle

The soulmate connection one has dreamed of for years

The piece that fits just like the Yin and Yang perfect opposites

So perfectly matched that the circle of life seems complete

Creating an energy flow of chemistry and spirit

You might be the missing piece of someone else’s life

The Word made flesh bringing light and hope to their spirit

A piece that connects them to God reflecting grace and peace

Bringing you both into a common brotherhood in Christ

You might be the missing piece

Love at First Sight


Love at First Sight

Where two hearts meet nothing else exists

A virtual reality of suspended time

Totally immersed in mind games

The eyes say it all

Revealing the true intent


When two hearts meet

The eyes lock on like heat seeking missiles

Tracking every movement, flutter, and blink

Zeroing in on the heart

Moving blindly toward a hypnotic explosion of the mind

An eternal bond fused in fires of love


When two hearts meet you will know

The button is already pushed

There is no turning back

Just a predestined track to a specular fusion

Leading to a destiny unknown


Photo Dwight L. Roth