Smoke Screens and Mirrors

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With the Impeachment hearings going full throttle, it seems everyone parrots  an opinion. It once again brings to mind a poem I wrote during the last election campaign. As the political circus plays out on TV, nothing is ever as it seems.  Our representative share with us on a need to know basis, and the news media shares on an everything you don’t want to know and more basis. I will be glad when this reality TV “Survivor” show runs its course, and congressional parrots go back in their cage to work at getting things done for the American people.

A circus of smoke and mirrors
Half-truths polished and shiny
Stretching every word out of context
Smoke screens of the insignificant
Always hiding reality
Behind a cover of lies
Showing only fragments
Promising pots of gold
At the end of the rainbow
False hope in a holey bucket
Filled with wishes and fantasies
Pouring steadily out the bottom
Mirrors in a TV funhouse of fright
Giving only distorted views
Twisting everything out of proportion
Don’t believe the hype
Look beyond the smoke and mirrors
Dig out the shreds of truth
Always remember
What you see is NOT what you will get

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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We Got This One!

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As we were riding down a country road this weekend, I saw this group of black vultures gathered around a dead deer that was lying in the field. It apparently had been hit by a car and only made it twenty yards into the field before collapsing.

When I saw it I thought, this reminds me of what we have been seeing on the news for these past weeks. I normally try to stay away from political posts, but this scene took me straight there! My apologies if it is offensive to some of you.

Vultures have gathered

tearing flesh off  dead bones

Fat and happy soon

Pushing, shoving for last bite

“We got this one now!”


Merry Christmas!

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iPhone Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Gun Limericks




We are so contradictory in our affair with guns. On one hand we revere our American Heroes and buy our kids GI Joe toys and guns to play with, while telling them that guns are not to be pointed at anyone because they are so dangerous. We buy them video games of virtual reality that allows them to kill at will, and then tell them this is not real and they should never think of killing real people. We buy guns at gun shows and keep them in our house, and tell our children if anyone tries to break in we will shoot to kill. We watch our Hollywood heroes kill at will, but they are not to do the same. What are you teaching your children by word and by the toys and games you allow them to own?  Solutions solved by guns almost always end in death and collateral damage.

Teachers at school are all shaken
Students lay dead// lives taken
Blame freely passed
The public’s aghast
While guns freely trade and are taken


Student in school have had enough
Parents and administrators in a huff
While congress delays
The gun lobby pays
As the NRA’s stand remains tough


TV news constant streaming
Showing pictures of shooter and screaming
The death count will rise
Amid shots fired and cries
As the next insane planner keeps on scheming


Trump says teachers should be armed
As parents and teachers sound their alarm
Teachers used to be teaching
Carrying guns seems far reaching
As they try to keep children from harm


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