Kaleidoscope of the Soul

EER_0115 (4)
This poem evolved from the poem I posted yesterday. An added inspiration!
Imagination… a kaleidoscope of the soul
Drawn from the depths of body soul and spirit
Living colors flowing forth
in music, painting, and written word;
Reshaping the matter of the mind
Like sourdough starter in the bread
Rising to become delectable morsels
for others to enjoy and be inspired

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Stain-Glass from Strasbourg Cathedral


Rich Impressions


Down the street at 1033
red hibiscus flowers grow;
Climbing up the mailbox post…
Putting out blooms for a day
before wilting away.
Rich red hues in morning sunshine…
show the world that one day of beauty
is enough to remember for a lifetime!


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Kim asked us to think about the many ways we us the word rich in our everyday life. We were to choose one of the definitions and write a Quadrille of 44 words.

Christmas Colors


Maple glows bright red

Doesn’t know December’s here

All other trees bare

Red lights in forest window

Nature celebrates Christmas


Red Maple Photo taken today: Dwight L. Roth


Haikai Tanka for Frank Tassone’s challenge using Christmas as our prompt. One Red maple still has its leaves clinging to its branches. Seems very unusual to see this at this time of year. Shot this photo today to use as my theme.

Join us at: https://frankjtassone.com/2018/12/22/haikai-challenge-66-12-22-18-christmas-haiku-senryu-haibun-tanka-haiga-renga/






Are we not all

But leaves in the stream

Whose lives begin

As bud on twig


Flourishing green

In the sunshine of life

We shine in spring rains

And wave joyfully in the wind


Some get devoured

By those who would

Consume their very being

Sapping strength stealing life


Others scorch

in the heat of drought

Twisting and curling

In dehydrated anguish


Many who make it

Add color as they age

All finally leaving the tree

To be gathered and burned

Or raked and composted


Some catch the wind

For one last hurrah

Landing by fence posts

Or floating downstream

Into the great unknown


But many //surrounded lie

Right where they fall

Blanketing the feet of family

As protection // nourishing spirits

For generations to come


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Light against Darkness


My hope for the New Year is that we can come together to overwhelm the darkness and evil with Love and Peace. When light is the dominate contrast the world is a better place. Light stands out sometimes alone but very visible in contrast to darkness.  This reminds me of the song we used to sing that said. “This Little Light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…” Let your light shine this year and bring hope to the world.

Light against Darkness

Light and Darkness coexist

Bringing dimension and definition to life

Contrasting colors not to  be seen without the other

Accents of beauty and line given shape

Revealing all forms of life that exist

Ah, but you say, The spirit of life has no color!”

Oh but it does in so many ways

Light embodies all the colors

Light against darkness being most beautiful of all

Love is the light of the Spirit of God

Contrasted against the dark spirit of evil and hate

In our darkest moments of defeat a light emerges

A candle of light bringing hope in the blackness

Lighting others and they in turn light more

Until evil is overwhelmed with the Light of Love

Defining truth rising above the hate and evil

Bringing peace and joy standing in clear contrast

Against the darkness in the world around us

Light your candle of peace for the New Year

Let God’s love and blessing permeate all you do


Painting: Dwight L. Roth


via Daily Prompt:


I figured since Fall starts today, it would be a good day to start thinking about leaves. The prompt for today was the one word Leaf so this worked out very well. Enjoy my personification of the insignificant leaf!

To Be a Leaf

Oh… to be a leaf, t’would be a delight

High in a tree on a warm summer’s night

Poking my head out the door

Warm seduction of spring calls me fore


Coming out half dressed in the morning light

A red bathing beauty all shiny and bright

Stretching extending my fingers unfurl

Semi-frosty nights will nip at the curl


Turning green without envy my hands open wide

No jealousy here I’m filled with pride

Ever expanding to the size of a hand

Not to be shaken by woman or man


Blown in the wind by breeze and ‘cane

Hands lifted in praise then baptized by rain

Waving high over lovers’ joy without end

Old folks and children consider me their friend


Enduring the heat of hot summer’s blast

Knowing all too soon it will be past

Blushing with color… yellow, orange, and red

My crowning glory before I land with the dead


Photographed by families, travelers, and friends

A model’s envy we all join hands

Waving our boughs and then were gone

Floating to the earth but I’m not alone


Lying with friends we await our fate

Raked in piles while the children wait

Jumping and squealing they all roll and tumble

All in a pile as big brothers grumble


Bagged and stacked on the curb for recycling

Back to the garden it’s not really frightening.

Or perhaps simply falling staying were we lite

Putting roots to bed for the long winter’s night

Butterfly Morning in a Garden of Flowers


My friend Bob invited me to his house this morning to see the butterflies and flowers he has in the backyard.  His flowers were dazzling and the butterflies were beautiful. As they flitted from Zinnia to Zinnia, I snapped away. These are only a few of the beautiful shots I got this morning. This is definitely poetry in motion and no further words are needed!  Enjoy!!




























Photos: Dwight L. Roth


Paint, Color, & Texture


Poetry in the Paint!

I love lots of deep color and texture when I paint. Along with poetry and writing, painting is one of my passions. I do not consider myself a painter, but rather a person who loves to paint. Many of my canvases come from the Habitat for Humanity Restore. I buy old canvases and prime them again. If the texture is too rough I cut them off and turn them over and staple them back on again. I prime them with left over Acrylic Latex wall paint, sometimes lightly sanding  off the raised cords, before painting.

Both of these paintings are recycled canvases.

These two ocean paintings came about as a result of an acquaintance at the crafts store saying she was looking for a beach painting. But, she made it clear she did not want an east coast painting.  I told her I would paint one and she could see what she thought.

My inspiration for painting is the same as my poetry. I start with an idea or phrase and the painting and poem develop themselves as I begin to let my imagination flow. Sometimes I have to rework my paintings to get what I want. I love seeing what comes out in the end result!

The painting below is 20 x 60 inches. The one above is 24 x 36 inches.


This is the first painting I tried.  The smaller beach above is a compressed view.  My art studio is the open end of my garage. The car gets the first bay and my painting gets the second. It has great indirect light and works very well for me.

Paintings: Dwight L. Roth





I thought today as I went my way

What makes one flower orange

Another red, yellow, or blue

Especially when they all come from the same red clay

Every snowflake petal perfectly set

Alternating patterns surround the perfect center


A crown of beauty natures glory

Only to dry up and fade away

Leaving seeds for seasons unknown


Photos: Dwight L. Roth





















Especially when they all come from the same cla