Last Rose of Summer


We enjoyed a warm Fall, but now the cold air is moving in and what had escaped the earlier cool nights is now getting frosted. I went out today to see what had survived and found the last rose of summer still bright red for one last day. Some of the others around it were wilting from the frost we had last night.

Frosty air arrives

Last rose of summer still smiles

Tomorrow she’ll die

Leaves shiver // aged overnight

Winter’s knocking on the door


Photos: Dwight L. Roth


Some Roads


Some folks celebrate Christmas in July, so why not  sledding in August. I thought this bit of nostalgia might compensate for the midsummer heat we all seem to be experiencing.

There was a time when

Roads were built around buildings

Making Sledding fun

Afternoon snowmelt freezes

Kids in parkas sailed down the hill

Temperatures falling

No one seemed to mind the cold

Pulling sleds uphill

Riding in the full moon’s light

No technology needed

Great fun and fresh air

Mama’s calling  from the porch

“It’s time to come in!”

Children slept soundly // dreaming

Of  “No School!” and sled riding


Photo of Road winding around Snavely Mill: Dwight L. Roth




Stuffed (A Haibun)


Do you feel stuffed now that Christmas is over. All of the wonderful food you consumed may have contributed to making you feel like it is time to cut back and eat less. Seems like losing weight is often chosen as a one of the top New Years Resolutions. I wonder if the Chipmunk that lives under my deck thinks about such things. He loves to come an pig out in my bird feeder. Sometime I wonder how he gets through the wire cage with those bulging cheeks. He is getting ready for the cold weather that is coming in tonight and the next few days. He looks so cute with his fat cheeks.  He does not seem to be like the rest of us who will need to loose a few pounds. He looks fabulous in his sleek winter coat!

Dark eyes and fat cheeks

Stuffing in all he can get

Cold weather is coming


Here are a few more cute shots of my Chipmunk:








Photos: Dwight L. Roth

*A Hai bun is a Japanese form of poetry that uses both prose and a haiku.

Brown Bunny


Brown Bunny

Little brown bunny came by this morning

Fattened by summer green he’s mourning

Nibbling remains of the frostbitten grass

Knowing winter’s fare is here at last

Thick fur coat picked out for winter

Buttoned up tight all around this sprinter

Watching me make coffee he sits and wonders

Not sure what’s going on at my kitchen counter

Hot coffee for me as I watch him shiver

Waiting patiently for me his pose delivers

Then off to the woods and his nest in the grass

Tonight when it’s cold he’ll be out in the blast

Freezing air coming in it sure will  be a cold

Maybe some snow blowing in strong and bold

When time to sleep I’ll be snug in my bed

He’ll be out there in his warm nest instead