What’s Missing


Decided to bake some breakfast sweet bread
To eat when I finally crawl out of bed
Goes so good with coffee and cereal
Getting my day off to a start that’s real

Got out the dough…ingredients and all
The dough had risen // standing very tall
I split it open with knife and fingers
Filled it with nuts, butter, and cinnamon

I added some raisons // then pinched it shut
Greased the baking pan and cleaned up the nuts
Baked in the oven at 375
It looked so good as bread began to rise

Took it out of the oven just in time
I cut it open and it looked so fine
But when I tasted // something was missing
An ingredient lost in the mixing

Next morning at breakfast with jelly spread
Along with my coffee // ate the perfect bread
Something good had changed // nothing was missing
Can you guess what I forgot to put in?


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Amaya at d’Verse asked us to write a poem that involved a secret ingredient. With all the cooking and baking done over the holidays, many people have special thing s they make that are unique to them. The add that special something that makes it work.  In my poem I am doing the reverse. The question is what did I leave out that I should have put in?

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When I think of morning, I think of Cat Stevens’ masterpiece, Morning Has Broken, which he recorded during his rise in popularity many years ago. It has become a hymn sung in many churches and never seems to grow old. His worshipful praise for the magnificence of the new day dawning is unparalleled.

More often, when I think of mornings I think of waking up slowly to the smell of coffee perking. Since I am a night person, it seems to take a while for me to get motivated in the morning. Breakfast cereal and a glass of orange juice will see me through to lunch time. I like my orange juice as much as I do my half a pot of coffee that I drink while watching the morning news.

Morning has broken

Fall sunshine streams through my pane

Orange juice makes me smile


Video Clip from Youtube

Mish at d’verse asked us to write a Haibun (consisting of a short prose and a Haiku) describing our morning. The song above has long been a favorite of mine so I included it as well.

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Coffee & Love

Coffee and Love

As I take one last sip

Of morning coffee,

I think,

how similar

it is

to romantic love.

Steaming Hot!!

Enough to get burned

at the start.

Warm enough to enjoy

with added shots of Hot


Cooling down to tepid

when left set

too long unattended.

Heat and flavor’s gone…

Nothing left in the pot…

Throw out

What remains.

Perhaps brew a new pot…


Clipart: dreamstime.com