Clown Eyes

Little green tree frog

Clowning on my sliding door

Cute Clown eyes peaking

Out of the blue … lightning strikes!

Eyes bulge to tenth the power!!

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse. Lisa asked us to write a poem using the word Clown. I have no first hand knowledge of Clowns, so I decided to clown around with my poem which I wrote in Tanka form. Hope it makes you smile!

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Smoke Screens and Mirrors

EER_0269 (2)

With the Impeachment hearings going full throttle, it seems everyone parrots  an opinion. It once again brings to mind a poem I wrote during the last election campaign. As the political circus plays out on TV, nothing is ever as it seems.  Our representative share with us on a need to know basis, and the news media shares on an everything you don’t want to know and more basis. I will be glad when this reality TV “Survivor” show runs its course, and congressional parrots go back in their cage to work at getting things done for the American people.

A circus of smoke and mirrors
Half-truths polished and shiny
Stretching every word out of context
Smoke screens of the insignificant
Always hiding reality
Behind a cover of lies
Showing only fragments
Promising pots of gold
At the end of the rainbow
False hope in a holey bucket
Filled with wishes and fantasies
Pouring steadily out the bottom
Mirrors in a TV funhouse of fright
Giving only distorted views
Twisting everything out of proportion
Don’t believe the hype
Look beyond the smoke and mirrors
Dig out the shreds of truth
Always remember
What you see is NOT what you will get

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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November Circus


November Circus

A Three ring circus came to town last November

Complete with actors, acrobats, and lion tamers

A triangle of three tents each housed exciting acts

Jungle cats paced on the Big White Tent track

The lion roars loudly only to be snapped

By the ring master’s whip as he does his act


In the second tent the acrobats fly

Swinging from the rafters reaching for the sky

Going nowhere, but putting on a great show

Tightrope walkers with no nets below

Clowns come out with horns to blow


The third tent brings on horses and riders

As Elephants stand up and down on stools provided

The most trained of them all / they wow the crowds

With amazing antics // they stand tall and proud


Who knew that the Lion could tweet // and ‘bats could swing

Amazingly // some of the big cats got into the acrobats’ ring

As tightrope walkers straddled both sides of the string.

The big caged cats keep howling for fresh meat

Whether it be a clown or one of their own to eat


The high stepping horses with all of their riders

Keep circling the elephants with their stools provided

Round and round they go and when they’ll stop

Nobody knows // for they have so little to show



Today at d’Verse we were asked to write about the circus. I have read stories and seen movies about the circus, but I have never been to one. So, I decided to use the circus as a metaphor for our political circus that we have playing out in real time .  Come join us at: