It is difficult to communicate when you meet someone who is defined by their sad story of how life did them wrong. I have met people who cannot get past their pain and keep reliving it over and over again. Life is full of pain and suffering, but we cannot let that define who we are today. It is very difficult to get past the injuries done to us, but with God’s help we can do it. Looking beyond ourselves can help us move on. Find positive people to relate to and begin to emulate their positive focus. It is possible to find healing.


Silver Maple scraped and marred

Careless grass cutter bumping and scraping


Deeply gouged places for worms to hide

Boring sapping the life from the tree


Much like life’s bumps scrapes and gouges

Cutting deep exposing vulnerability of soul and spirit

Opening wounds for bores of hate and revenge to enter

Leaving us wounded hurting and damaged

In need of cleansing

Left unchecked results in death

Bug treatments cleaned out the wound

Allowing bark to gradually enfold the wound


In time wrapping the gouges with new life

Just the treatment we need for our personal hurts

If left unchecked will certainly become our demise

The cleansing treatment of forgiveness seventy times seven

Washing our wounds in God’s love letting go the pain


Healing grace covering scars as new life enfolds us

Bringing renewed hope and purpose as we continue

To grow into all that we are called to become

Not letting scars define us


Photos: Dwight L. Roth




Cleansing Fire


Starting Forest Fires

Gossip is what starts the forest fires of life

Lightning strikes landing at unexpected places

Catching listeners like dry tumble weed

Igniting in an instant those dry tinder ears

Just waiting for the next fiery strike

Bursting into flames traveling from ear to ear

No one can escape the heat of the flames

Moving faster than a person can run away

Following them licking their heels

Riding them like a horseman with a whip

Snapping pain into their being with every stumble

Leaving charred burned souls destroyed in its wake

But even the worst gossip cannot destroy everyone

Life re-emerges like fireweed brings returning beauty

The bark of some trees takes the fire and put out new leaves

What is intended to burn and destroy only brings out

The best in the strong and beautiful

Don’t let gossip destroy you

Fires just cleans your soul

Like purest gold


Forest Fire Painting: Dwight L. Roth

I was There

Chris's family Easter 2010 011

Several years ago our church choir director suggested that I write a song for our Easter sunrise service. I accepted the challenge and tried to write a song that captured the essence of what Christ did, when he died on the cross for the sins of the world, past, present, and future. To me that means all that I have done and will do, that would have condemned me, has been nailed there with him that day. So in a way I was there, because it was my sin, as well as all others, that put him there. This is what I came up with.

I was There

When they nailed him to the cross I was there

When they laid him in the grave I was there

All my sins were nailed with him to the cross that day

When Jesus suffered and died for me


Jesus saw who I was and he loved me

He loved me because he knew

That the blood he shed could make me clean

And erase all my guilt an pain


Then he rose victorious from the grave

He defeated Satan’s power over me

By God’s grace I am saved

By his blood I am cleansed

By his power I am now free


Jesus saw who I was and he loved me

He loved me because he knew

That the blood he shed  could make me clean

And erase all my guilt and pain


Photo: Dwight L. Roth