The Heartbeat of Peace

Vika Art

Hope is a songbird

where fairies and young children

find refuge from war…

Clutching onto her feathers

to feel the heartbeat of peace


Today at d’Verse, Mish introduced us to Vike Muse, an artist from the Ukraine who shares her artwork on Instagram @get.muse . She creates beautiful fantasy art with positive themes to share her hope for a better day when this diabolical war has ended. Mish gave us several of her pieces to choose from. We were to pick one that inspires us and write a poem of any style about it. I wrote a Tanka.

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Changing Seasons

IMG_8498 (2)

Seasons of life collide with a season of war

Carnage rains down on young and old

The world weeps tears of anger and compassion

While those in Ukraine struggle to hold on

to their disrupted displaced lives

Snow falls as they hug their children

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Lisa asked us to write a Quadrille of 44 words about the seasons. As an older person, I think about both the changing seasons and my own season of life. War is a vortex of evil that can happen in any season, but for us who are older it only speeds our demise.

In our digital world we see the horrors of the war in Ukraine every day on our news broadcasts. One cannot help but put themselves in their place as we watch and wonder what we would do in their place.

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Things Unspoken

IMG_1466 (2)

Why don’t you ever talk about your childhood,” Jim asked, as he sat on the edge of the porch.
George paused for what seemed like a long moment. “It is because that is part of my life I try to forget. My mother was Shawnee Indian from a tribe in Shawnee Oklahoma, where I was born.”
In those days, the government took us Indian children and put them in a school to learn to speak English and become part of white culture. If we spoke our Shawnee language, they would punish us.”
I dress in their stories patterned and purple as night.”
How awful,” said Jim, “It must have been very sad to be separated from your parents.”
My mother passed away during that time. I didn’t even get to go to her funeral.”
So, that is why I try to forget my childhood.”

Painting: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Lisa reminded us of the atrocities carried out against Native American Children in the US and Canada.  Children were taken from parents and put in training schools to get rid of their Indian Culture. Sadly, many of those who ran the schools were from various religious groups. There were many abuses that took place with these children. Now they have found mass graves in the US and in Canada where some of these Native American Children were buried. Seems like we will never learn!

Lisa gave us a line from a poem written by Kimberly Blaeser, called “When We Sing of Might,” which must be used in the story as it is written. The line is…   I dress in their stories patterned and purple as night.”

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To Be a Leaf…

EER_0829 (2)

Oh… to be a leaf, t’would be a delight

High in a tree on a warm summer’s night

Poking my head out the door

Warm seduction of spring calls me fore

Coming out half dressed in the morning light

A red bathing beauty all shiny and bright

Stretching extending my fingers unfurl

Semi-frosty nights will nip at the curl

Turning green without envy my hands open wide

No jealousy here I’m filled with pride

Ever expanding to the size of a hand

Not to be shaken by woman or man

Blown in the wind by breeze and ‘cane

Hands lifted in praise then baptized by rain

Waving high over lovers’   joy without end

Old folks and children consider me their friend

Enduring the heat of hot summer’s blast

Knowing all too soon it will be past

Blushing with color… yellow, orange, and red

My crowning glory before I land with the dead

Photographed by families, travelers, and friends

A model’s envy we all join hands

Waving our boughs and then we’re gone

Floating to the earth but I’m not alone

Lying with friends we await our fate

Raked in piles while the children wait

Jumping and squealing they all roll and tumble

All in a pile as big brothers grumble

Bagged and stacked on the curb for recycling

Back to the garden it’s not really frightening.

Or perhaps simply falling staying were we alight

Putting roots to bed for the long winter’s night


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

A rerun for Fall!

The Thrill of Discovery

DSC_0206 (2)

I can still remember the lore of water and mud, of mountain streams, and rotten logs and  bugs under rocks.  Nature’s mysteries still draw me to get my feet in the mud, letting it squish up between my toes. One of our best learning environments is all around us.  I enjoyed watching these children searching the lake bank and under stumps for that special treasure, while totally oblivious to everything else around them. 

Nature’s mysteries

Focused… searching  intently

Treasures in lake mud


DSC_0207 (2)

Shoes tossed aside

Wading into discovery

“Oh, look what I found!”



DSC_0196 (2)

DSC_0200 (3)

Sharing their treasures

Exciting moments in time

Mud dries between toes!

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Curious Minds

Children are curious, you know

Until an adult tells them they are not to be

“Don’t touch that, you’ll get your hands dirty”

“I’ll tell you about that when you get older”

“It is not polite to ask such questions”

Curiosity silenced…

Lessons lost


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today is Quadrille Monday at d’Verse. De asked us to write a Quadrille (exactly 44 words) using the word curious.

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Love Crosses All Boundaries

Years ago these two cute little girls were the best of friends. They did not think about race or color, just that they really enjoyed each other’s company. Makes me wonder why it is so hard for adults to to the same. We need to work on Dr. King’s dream and make it become a reality.

Teach your children well

Love crosses all boundaries

Be their example


How are you doing your part?

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Carved Sunset

I carved a Jack o lantern in the clouds

The solar candle shone its yellow/orange glow

through smiling teeth of dusk

making all the little ones jump up and down

for now it was time to go house to house

and ring the bell

… sunset was never sweeter!

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Miniature Tourists

EER_0181 (4)

While traveling in  France, last summer, we enjoyed watching the children as they mingled with the tourists taking in the views. You can see their energy and enthusiasm in their actions and faces. We were like that once upon a time!

Old Medieval Colmar

Excited children wander/wonder

Cute little tourists

EER_0182 (3)

EER_0193 (2)

EER_0196 (3)

EER_0202 (2)


Colorful umbrellas added a touch of sparkle to the town.

Photos: Dwight L. Roth