Feral Cats

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The people have long gone. The house is falling down, but not empty. A group of feral cats moved in to make themselves at home. I saw this old house when I went back to visit my home town a couple of years ago. The big gray cat on the post seems to be the leader of the pack.

Wild cats find a home
Old abandon house shelters
All from winter’s cold

People have gone but
Cats remain // a feral pack
Guilty neighbors come
Bringing trays of food for them
Keeping their distance they eat

Never experience human touch


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Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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Today at d’Verse our prompt is wild. We are asked to write a quadrille of 44 words. I have chose wild feral cats as my subject.

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The Warm Spot

Tiger with Ruth 001

Tiger, our cat, sometimes a sneaky little brat
Not allowed on our bed // he had to scat
Thought he was slick pulling all his tricks
As he paced, and scowled, and pitched his fits.
Slick guy thought he’d pull the fuzz
Thinking we wouldn’t know what he does
When we left him there all alone.
Up on the bed he jumped
Purring on his high spot on the hump.
When the key turned in the front door lock
Off the bed he thumped and took his spot…
Giving us that sly little happy meow
Thinking he pulled a fast one on us now.
But we were one step ahead of that sneaky cat;
For at the foot of the bed where Tiger sat,
Was a tale-tale warm spot //imagine that!

Tiger 001 (2)


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, our prompt is everything Feline! We had Tiger for fifteen years. He was very special in spite of his quirky antics. We loved him very much and were very sad when he died. This poem is a blend of ornery and cute. Great memories for sure.

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The Cat’s Grr-owl


Cats chase birds from trees long standing
Slowly munching on trunks and bushes
Gradually eating a path through the woods
Dozer and track hoes knock down trees in seconds
That slowly took many years to grow
Pulling up leaves, roots, and mud




All I can do is watch sadly as nature is razed
Hoping the devastation is contained to fifty feet
As the woods moves away from me
Light pours in // new growth will start over
Above the future twelve-inch buried gas line
Not such eco-friendly energy after all
We gasp for breath





Photos: Dwight L. Roth

November Circus


November Circus

A Three ring circus came to town last November

Complete with actors, acrobats, and lion tamers

A triangle of three tents each housed exciting acts

Jungle cats paced on the Big White Tent track

The lion roars loudly only to be snapped

By the ring master’s whip as he does his act


In the second tent the acrobats fly

Swinging from the rafters reaching for the sky

Going nowhere, but putting on a great show

Tightrope walkers with no nets below

Clowns come out with horns to blow


The third tent brings on horses and riders

As Elephants stand up and down on stools provided

The most trained of them all / they wow the crowds

With amazing antics // they stand tall and proud


Who knew that the Lion could tweet // and ‘bats could swing

Amazingly // some of the big cats got into the acrobats’ ring

As tightrope walkers straddled both sides of the string.

The big caged cats keep howling for fresh meat

Whether it be a clown or one of their own to eat


The high stepping horses with all of their riders

Keep circling the elephants with their stools provided

Round and round they go and when they’ll stop

Nobody knows // for they have so little to show


Picture: methodmintmirror.com

Today at d’Verse we were asked to write about the circus. I have read stories and seen movies about the circus, but I have never been to one. So, I decided to use the circus as a metaphor for our political circus that we have playing out in real time .  Come join us at:





Cat House

EER_0278 (2).JPG

As we were traveling down back woods path along the river we saw a black cat sitting on the railroad tracks. On down the road we saw another and another at an opening beside an old house. We stopped and looked in through the yard at a delipidated house of yesteryear with a yard full of several feral cats. They did not seem to be afraid of us and did not seem to be skinny or starving with hunger.  An aluminum tray was lying along the road indicating that someone might be bringing them food. Some of the cats were beautiful but no longer seemed to have anyone to love them. They appeared to live together in this old abandon house.

Cats live in old house

Seeking shelter from fall winds

Living wild and free


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Photos: Dwight L. Roth