Travel With Me up the Rhine

“Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken.”  Albert Camus
EER_0741 (3)
Our first trip abroad riding up the Rhine River
Fifty years together required something special
Amsterdam to Basel in eight days
A Viking River Cruise
An afternoon of delightful cruising
Riding on the canopied top deck
Staying out of the sun on a very hot day

EER_0729 (3)

Floating by vineyards
planted up and down the hills
Past magnificent old castles and churches
perched high up on the bluffs

EER_0725 (3)

Quaint little towns along the river bank
with names I could not pronounce
People on Sunday outings swimming
in the cool water along with
cattle standing up to their knees

Cows along the river 2

What an amazing ride it was
No thought of social distancing required
So glad it was last summer instead of this one.


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse Lillian suggested that since we were not able to go traveling because of the Covid-19 pandemic, that we write a poem that takes every one along with us on a trip we have taken in the past. Last year we celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary with River Cruise up the Rhine. It was wonderful. Here is just a tiny bit of what we experienced.

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Building Word Castles of Stone

When we are young
our words erected billboards
Saying this is me… who I am… what I believe!
As we grow older
those words become stones
in a cavernous castle…
with tall spires
dark halls
and locked chambers;
Holding pain
Long ago sentenced to life…
never to be let out again.
Surrounded by a moat
only crossed by a few
whom we choose to let in…
then quickly raising the drawbridge.
Our words // chiseled with time
mortared together
still saying:
this is me… who I am …what I believe!!


This poem was inspired by a poem by a fellow blogger, Ali Grimshaw, entitled The Architecture of Conversing. Please check out her poem as well.

The Architecture of Conversing