Backyard Bunny

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I noticed my backyard bunny has been enjoying the grass, since we got a couple of rain showers to freshen it up. She lives in the rabbit run just beyond and to the left of the photos.  I have seen her around for a few years. This morning when we looked out ,she was sitting next to the air conditioner.  It is wonderful to see she feels safe and at home here.

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Backyard Bunny rests

Feels at home in my back yard

Not afraid of me

Sits very still for portraits

Watches me with on sharp eye

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Photos: Dwight L. Roth


Cold Bunny!

Cold BunnyYesterday we had a surprise snowfall. It was very unusual to get snow here in North Carolina on April 2nd. It was beautiful with large wet flakes falling all around. I have already mowed my lawn twice this spring. The little bunny hopped around through the snow seeming a bit confused. Fortunately his cold chill did not last long. It was melted by evening and warmed to a comfortable 70 F today!


Snowflakes fall softly

Little bunny has cold seat

What happened to spring?


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Spring Fire in the Sky


This evening’s sunset is one the most beautiful we have seen. The woods behind us was on fire with reds and blues as the sun sank low in the sky. Earlier, the bunny rabbit showed himself, coming out for some fresh clover and new grass. Spring always brings joy and the assurance of new life.

Spring Equinox comes
Bringing late rainbow sunsets
Woods aflame with burning hues
Bunny nibbles green shamrocks
St. Patrick’s Day swims in green

EER_0974 (3)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Frank Tassone’s Haikai challenge today was to write a poem that eluded to the Spring Equinox coming us this week. I wrote about two things that brought me joy today!
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Brown Bunny


Brown Bunny

Little brown bunny came by this morning

Fattened by summer green he’s mourning

Nibbling remains of the frostbitten grass

Knowing winter’s fare is here at last

Thick fur coat picked out for winter

Buttoned up tight all around this sprinter

Watching me make coffee he sits and wonders

Not sure what’s going on at my kitchen counter

Hot coffee for me as I watch him shiver

Waiting patiently for me his pose delivers

Then off to the woods and his nest in the grass

Tonight when it’s cold he’ll be out in the blast

Freezing air coming in it sure will  be a cold

Maybe some snow blowing in strong and bold

When time to sleep I’ll be snug in my bed

He’ll be out there in his warm nest instead