Being Different – Children’s Book

A few years ago I found this unusual looking tomato in my garden. It had a long projection coming out that looked like a nose. My wife stuck on eyes and a mouth and Spike was born!  I decided to write a story for children about being different. I took spike around my house and took pictures of him sitting with different objects. Then I compiled it into a story that I thought kids would enjoy! Hope you enjoy it as well.

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You Can’t See My Roots


You Can’t See My Roots

You cut me making me bleed

Liquid of life flows down my trunk

You strike and bruise me tearing my skin

Yet I stand tall // strong and mighty

For you can’t see my roots


You cut off my branches take off all my leaves

Thinking surely he will die

You burn me stripping me bare

Leaving me exposed to the elements

Yet I stand tall // strong and mighty

For you can’t see my roots


You cut me down to a stump and haul away my trunk

Not much of me left to show

Surely we have killed him this time

He has nothing left // his strength is gone

They do not know // they cannot tell I will rise again

I will come back with exponential strength

For my strength is in my roots

Chicken Peckin’

Chicken Pickin’

In the theory of evolution

Humans have not moved far from chickens…

Getting along fine in their flock day by day

Until one sustains an injury drawing blood.

No matter how well they resided before

They all turn on the injured member

Picking and pecking drawing even more blood…

Similar to stoning in the Biblical stories.

Injuries sustained cause a painful death.

Everything goes back to normal

As the next one awaits his fate.

A very bloody habit




The illustrated Story of Spike… the unusual tomato is a children’s story I wrote a couple of years ago, when I found this unusual tomato growing in my vegetable garden. My wife put eyes and a mouth on it and it become Spike!  The story deals with being different, being teased, and developing self-esteem.  Spike goes through school graduating from Veggie High and goes on to Veggie State University. He travels around the world and meets the Russian Premier and the Russian Dolls! Through it all, he sticks with his core values his parents taught him.

This is an excerpt of the whole story. There are many color photos in the story. To read it you will need to go to and read it on Kindle. If you have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free!



The Unusual Tomato



This is the story of Spike.

Spike was born in Grandpa’s garden during the hot summer of 2013.


There he grew along with his saucy mother Spikette and his handsome father Spike Senior.

Spike was a very unusual child. But he was always loved and very happy!

He had many brothers and sisters as well as friends and neighbors.


Oni the onion was one of his good friends. The other kids did not like to be around him because he seemed to have a strong odor about him. Even though he did not always smell the best, underneath all that smelly skin Oni had the heart of a loyal friend.


In spite of the fact that Spike had many friends, he always felt he was a little bit different from all the others. It was his unusually long red nose that stuck out in a way that made everyone stop and look when he came into the room.

Some of the kids at school whispered about him when he wasn’t looking and some even laughed and made fun of his bulbous nose. The teacher told them not to treat him like that, but they did anyway when she wasn’t looking.


His parents, however, told him he was special and that God gave him that nose because he wanted him to stand out and be noticed.

So Spike ignored the teasing and whispering and kept his smiling disposition. He treated everyone with respect, and as a result almost everyone liked playing with him

As spike became older, his parents warned him about hanging out with friends who could get him into trouble. These so called friends always seemed to end up in mixed company!

Little did Spike know that they were flirting with danger and were about to get a dressing down for all their shenanigans! It was only a matter of time till they came under the knife and were cut to pieces.


Pick Elle’ and Peppier’ were two such friends. Even though they pretended to be friends with Spike, they really did not have his best interest in mind. They kept trying to get Spike and Oni to join them and their capers. Spike watched from a distance as they kept going down down until their escapades with saucy mixed company left them lying in the muck at the bottom of the bowl!

Then Spike realized that his parents were right.  Because they loved him, they were trying to guide him in the right ways. This piece of wisdom would stay with him though out his life.


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What does a soldier do with his pain? Memories of the carnage and bloodshed rerun over and over in is mind. What does a person do who was criticized or ignored by parents who seemed not to care?  That voice, that look, that feeling of never measuring up is always there. What about the child who never quite fit in, who was bullied and teased by his so-called friends? The verbal abuse, the punches and kicks stay forever in his mind .  This poem is for all you who are hurting and cannot shake the trauma. This is to say, in your pain I care about the hell you are going through.


Walls built with stones and mortar of memories

Locking tightly together each painful reality

Stacking and cementing them tightly in place

Till the soul becomes hidden without even a trace

Dungeon of doom condemning the soul

Cold place of solitude where no one can dwell

A roof on top to keep out the light

Beautiful on the outside but dark in the heart

Protected and guarded from any more pain

Windows boarded up to keep out the rain


Though years have gone by the walls still close in

Creating a chasm that the soul cannot swim

A castle on the hill of life with walls strong and tall

No windows no drawbridge no one comes to call

A lifetime of memories too painful to tell

A soul locked in memories a real living hell


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

* If you are suffering from any of the above, seek professional help to work through whatever you might be going through. I have and it has made all the difference!