There are times
in life
when everything
seems to go to pieces.
we think
our life is over…
in reality,
those shattered pieces,
in the end
cement together
to become
the mosaic of our life!

Today I read a poem, by blogger Christine Bolten, called Jagged Pieces. It inspired the poem I wrote above. Her poem deals with brokenness, healing, restructuring, and the hope of forgiveness.
Read her poem here:

The mosaic tile art  piece was done by friend and artist Lynn Carmichael.



We just passed Reformation Sunday celebrating Martin Luther’s courageous challenge of the Catholic Church. He believed that our faith not our religious works are what make us right with God. He brought a new perspective to God’s grace in our life.  We come to God in our brokenness and find restoration, wholeness, and a renewed relationship. As a result, the Protestant Reformation emerged and continues to this day. This is a tribute to our brokenness and God’s grace!


What do you see when something is broken

An object to discard

Or an object restored

Half-full or half-empty

Perspective is everything

Affects all of life

We all become broken

At some time in our life

Thinking we are beyond repair

But God sees us otherwise


And restores us with his grace

His perspective

His Love

Are always there

We always have our place

In ways beyond

What we could ask or think



Photos & Guitar Repair: Dwight L. Roth

Reposted from a year ago…