Blue Sky in Waxhaw
Believe it or not the sky is blue…
blue all over the world.
From LA to Beijing, the fog has cleared;
doing what Climate Change Advocates
have been unable to do for years…
turning the sky a brilliant blue!
We all know it won’t last
when this awful pandemic has past;
But, for one small moment in time,
we can tell our grandchildren
we saw the sky in every shade of blue,
as we sat quietly quarantined // feeling blue.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Bridge over the tracks in Waxhaw, NC

Happiness and Joy

Ruth;s Tile

In this time of uncertainty we soon find out who we really are as people. Some go into a tail spin and become fearful of every little thing. Others try in vain to stock up hoards of stuff to satisfy their manic tendencies. Some believe God is in control and all will work out in time for our good.  For many, happiness is gone; replaced with anxiety. I am sure we all experience some of these tendencies. How we approach a crisis is much the same as we approach our every day life. Happiness is like the weather; sunny one day and raining the next. Joy goes to the core of our being and sustains us through the bad weather that will come in our lives. Remember what is important in life.

Happiness and Joy
Happiness is a little bird
Perched on the rail
Right within my grasp
Only to fly away
The moment
I reach out to take hold of it.
Joy is the blood
Pumping through my veins
A constant rhythm of rejuvenation
Not something to be possessed
Rather something to be
Joy is what keeps my soul alive


I posted this back in December, but feel it might be helpful to post it again.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth