Winter Moon (a Haiku)

Black and white waterfall & blue moon

Icy falls shining

Crystals absorbing blue light

Spark’ling white at dawn



Painting of Blue Moon Falls: Dwight L. Roth

This is one of my most recent paintings. I love to experiment with Black and White hues.  I usually add a touch of color in one area of the painting for accent. This place only exists in my mind.


Super Moon


The Super Moon was up early. Before the sun went down this guy was already sneaking up trying to hide in fading daylight.  I drove downtown thinking I could get the  moon shining against the buildings. The only thing I got was bright setting sun and a faded moon. Later in the evening as the sky darkened the moon shone bright. These are my photos.







Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Stone Cold

Blue Moon #1

Stone Cold Beauty
Driving home we saw her rising larger than life. Glowing beyond the naked trees she peered over the horizon. The clear winter evening enhanced her beauty. I thought to myself, “How can something so beautiful, so perfectly shaped, be so cold hearted?”
Perhaps you have met a women, who was like the winter moon? Once she had a heart soft and overflowing with warmth, only to be rejected and distanced from her lover. Turning cold, her heart hardened as their love waned.
After going through a winter of discontent, she reemerged. Her beauty is still intact, but her heart has hardened. Beauty that she is, she will never again experience the warmth of that first love when she basked in the heat of the sun.
Orb of pure beauty
Superficial //stone cold heart
Winter moon hides all


Recycled Blue Moon Painting: Dwight L. Roth

Victoria challenged us today, at the d’Verse~Poetry Pub, to write Haibun using the Japanese Kigo, Fuyu No Tsuki __Winter Moon. We are to write a few short paragraphs about the winter moon, of which there are two this month of January. It is followed by a haiku

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Blue Moon Rising



This painting was done on a recycled canvas from the Habitat Restore. It was originally an impressionistic painting with shades of orange and white. It was 3′ x 3′ and  had a sandy texture with raised fingerlike ridges running across it. I decided to do the blue moon, cover the texture with trees, and use the thick ridges as foreground silhouetted trees. I was very happy with the result and so was the person who purchased it.

Blue Moon

Full moon rising over the trees

Lighting up the woodland below

Reflecting my sadness now that I am not with you

Shadows linger in both mind and forest

Spectors of all that remains hidden

Casting a blue glow on my world

Highlighting all that once was bright

Warmed by the sun’s Love

Now only shadows and darkness

Blue moon why do you look so bright

As though nothing ever happened

Don’t you know your light brings me no joy

Some say you are made of green cheese

But I believe it is blue


Painting; Dwight L. Roth