Did You Hear Me, God?


Did you ever wonder why God did not answer your prayer? I believe everyone goes through those times of questioning. This is especially true when the circumstances are so bad that there appears to be no hope. Many years ago I went through a similar situation. I was depressed and despondent an did not know what the future held. As the poem says I reached out to God and could not feel his presence at all. With the help of supportive brothers and sisters, I finally came through and again renewed my faith and trust, believing that God really does love and care for me.

Where Were You God?

Where were you God // when I needed you most
When my life collapsed and I felt my worst?

God, where were you when I believed you cared…
When I trusted you to direct my path?
Where was the promised peace of mind…
That through this difficult time I did not find?

When I walked through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I feared every evil // I felt all the pain.
Where were you when I cried out in vain…
When I pleaded // I begged // I called out your name?

When I hurt so bad I wished I could die,
Were you there to see // did you hear my cry?
I could not tell // I did not know why.

I felt alone // left to fate
No way to help, before it was too late

Would all that happened have happened anyway…
Or were you there, what do you say?
Where were you God,
When I needed you most?


Photo: Dwight L. Roth  –  my mothers funeral… unrelated to the poem.

Your Driving Force



Fear creates anxiety

Believing we are helpless

Unable to control our future

Fear drives us to climb on board

Riding the band wagon of distress

Cheering as we careen toward the cliff

Just like Thelma and Louise

Fear pre-empts good judgement

Listening to our insecurities

Believing in hopelessness

Instead of common sense

Fear grasps for that last straw

Knowing it will not save us

While denying the inevitable

Fear is the method of control

For politicians, religious leaders, and jihadi terrorists

Dictators, Presidents, Kings, and Priests

Why do we choose a spirit of fear

When we could have…

“…a Spirit of power, of love, and of a strong mind” (NKJV)


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Eyes That See

Dwight at Okracoke

Eyes That See

Open the eyes of your mind

To see what is trying to peek in

Creativity begins there

Imagining seeing with an architect’s view

Grabbing the flicker coercing a flame

Starting with a glint creating a diamond

Open the eyes of you mind

Envision realities yet to be

Let them ruminate through the labyrinth

Collecting body forming a foundation

Visions of visions embedded in confidence

Evolving into being like the breath of God

Creating from nothing something of beauty

Seeing is believing with open eyes

Knowing what you see with your mind’s eye

Can become reality and form

Words you write can become visions

Inspiring others to see and believe

They too can create with open eyes


Photo: Ruth A. Roth



Illusions of Truth

I heard this week that the hardest thing to disprove is a statement put out that is based on truth. Then it is put out again to the public with just a few things changed to alter the meaning. This makes it very hard to refute because by the time it is debunked the illusion is planted in people’s minds. I wondered how many times this occurs in our life’s experience. It happens in politics, religion, Facebook, and advertising. The news media and weekly’s like the National Inquirer are most skilled at this. I began to wonder, how much of what we believe is really only an illusion of the real thing?img_2119

Illusions of Truth

Looking deep into our soul

Finding a thirst for truth

Examining what we hear

Studying what we read

Finding details missing

Reading between the lines

Embellishing the script

Expanding to make it better

Calling the faithful

Preaching the gospel of hope

Believing that our illusion

Seen through smoky glass

Is the Truth we all

Want to hear

Border lining on Truth

Could our version

Be the real thing?

How can one question the Truth?


Photo: Dwight L. Roth