Seeds of Hope


Seeds are amazing! There are millions and millions of them all around us. We depend on them for food. Animals and birds eat and transport them to other places. Many seeds lie dormant in the ground until the moisture and sunlight are right to sprout.  Some have husks like the black walnut. Seeds have been found in the Egyptian tombs that are thousands of years old, but when planted they still sprout! Some seeds will not grow until a forest fire has passed through and allowed their shells to break open and sprout. The seeds around us are like hope in our life, always there waiting for a time to come forth bringing renewed hope and beauty.

Seeds of Hope

Seeds of hope and beauty

Lay embedded in every soul

Waiting for the right moment

The right conditions

To germinate and grow

They are always there


Planted by our creator

Springing forth as the fire passes

Or the storm levels

Or layers are scraped away

Just as a forest comes back

From the ashes fireweed and beauty

From burnt bark sprouts green shoots

Losses soon covered

With renewed hope and beauty


Seeds of hope and beauty

Lay buried in your soul


Waiting for their time

Don’t wallow in the ashes left behind

Or the destruction you experienced

Or negative words meant to level you

Bask in the sunlight of God’s love and grace


Water your soul with the joy of service

Renew your hope and inner beauty

Always there waiting patiently

For its time to come forth in your life

Beauty from ashes the oil of gladness

Bring hope and beauty to others


Renewing your soul

Reviving your spirit


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Cleansing Fire


Starting Forest Fires

Gossip is what starts the forest fires of life

Lightning strikes landing at unexpected places

Catching listeners like dry tumble weed

Igniting in an instant those dry tinder ears

Just waiting for the next fiery strike

Bursting into flames traveling from ear to ear

No one can escape the heat of the flames

Moving faster than a person can run away

Following them licking their heels

Riding them like a horseman with a whip

Snapping pain into their being with every stumble

Leaving charred burned souls destroyed in its wake

But even the worst gossip cannot destroy everyone

Life re-emerges like fireweed brings returning beauty

The bark of some trees takes the fire and put out new leaves

What is intended to burn and destroy only brings out

The best in the strong and beautiful

Don’t let gossip destroy you

Fires just cleans your soul

Like purest gold


Forest Fire Painting: Dwight L. Roth