Bald Focus

Bald Focus

Woe, the sad reality of present nights

Washing a shiny bald head with only traces of down

A slick global arc that would make a women turn away

Happily these hairless days are short lived

But memory now fades, of those obnoxious hair grease jingles

Rattling in my brain out of tune


Today at d’Verse, Lisa asked us to write an Opposites Poem, where we take a poem and write the opposite of it! I chose to do one of my own poems, that I called Hair Daze. The original poem is shown below.

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Hair Daze

Oh, the glorious memories of past days

Combing long flowing hair with swept back duck-tails

Smooth waves that would make a surfer gaze

Sadly the glory days leave only tales

But, I do remember the TV ad…

Brylcreem… A little dab will do ya!”


Hats Make All Men Equal

Dwight at Okracoke

Why do so many country singers wear hats? It’s not because they are rednecks or don’t have any manners. It’s because they are thinning on top or may be bald. They want to keep their young manly persona, so to hide the obvious they wear a hat. There are so many different hats to choose from. Hats becomes a distinguishing factor for many.

As my hair got thinner on top, I began to wear a hat. When I finally shaved the thinning fuzz off the top, I really appreciated wearing my hat, for when I had my hat on I knew no one would think about the fact that I was balding. I know some women like bald men and say that bald is beautiful, but I would guess that most men would disagree.


In the world of men

Hats make all men equal

Some men have hair

Others are not so endowed

Hair seems to be desired by many

Tiny implants planted

In the thinning bald spots

Trying to equalize past and present

Some men simply throw in the towel

Shaving it all off smooth as a bowling ball

Then there are old men

Who cannot accept the fact that it’s gone

So they let the little spiny bristles of gray

Twist and twerk all alone

On the vast desert of smooth skin

But to me it matters not

Whether one has hair

Or is thinning and gray

Simply wear a hat

For in a hat

All men are equal


Photo: Ruth A. Roth

Don’t Look Now


Don’t look now

Looking in the mirror back then

Brillecreamed hair all slicked back

A wave  of North Shore envy

Curving around my head

Set in gelled stone sculptured image

Somehow between then and now

The tide went out the wave flattened

Receding into a sandy shining beach

Reflecting in the sunlight

Don’t look now or you will gasp

Rip Van Winkle awakened in the mirror

Shocked at the textured changes

Baked on the sands of time

Returning to the crockadillian

Prehistoric images emerge

Preset for eons of hibernation

Eras to come bursting from our shell

Spiritual butterfly light of a million colors


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