Call to Prayer

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Why do we wait till crisis comes
When fear sets in and the body grows numb
To raise our hearts and voice in prayer
Calling to God // now made aware
And why do we think our begging and pleading
Will now be heard by Almighty God’s heeding
As folks are dying and we are reeling
Our invincible life precariously careening
Prayer is not the magic wand // making all serene
Nor the serpent on the pole to look upon for healing
God is not simply at your beck and call
Now that you have need and life’s about to fall
Crisis makes all aware that God has always been there
From everlasting to everlasting // though we never gave a care
Prayer does not bring OUR answers in time of despair
But rather strength and endurance to face all that’s there
So weep not for the grateful dead now no longer in pain
Rather weep for the soul who’s life has not yet waned
And for healthcare workers in the midst of crashing towers
Who find strength to help others in their final hours

Painting: Dwight L. Roth

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Plastic Earth

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“Where were you when the earth was plastic?” This is what God asked Job, in answer to Job’s complaint about his woes and sorrow. Obviously this is more of a paraphrase than a quote. I love to think about the time when the earth was in its formative years. The beauty of geological time is written in the rock layers all around us. I can’t imagine the tremendous forces that lifted and bent these rocks. Once mud on the ocean floor, these rocks are now part of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Fossils tell of a very different time. I have broken open rocks and found perfect fossils in them. I have cracked geodes open to find amethyst crystals that grew as lava cooled millions of years ago. So when you complain about your situations in life, I ask, “Where were you when the earth was plastic?”

Read writing in rocks

Recognize we are but dust

Gives life perspective


EER_0791 (3)

EER_0800 (2)

EER_0799 (2)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth – taken at the Linville Falls in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

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Sometimes it’s not in the searching
But in the realization of what is already there
Our struggle to become someone else
The desire to make a difference in the world
Searching for a spouse who matches our list
Thinking fate is out there beyond our reach
In fact, it is often staring us in the face
Forget the fake façade of unreality TV
Do your best become indispensable
And finally open your eyes
See that person across the desk
Who has been there with you all along
Biding their time
Waiting for you to realize
Sometimes it is not in the searching
But in the awareness of what is already there

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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Raindrop Rubies

IMG_2654 (3)
Have you ever seen a raindrop ruby shining in the afternoon light? Today was a little warmer, so I decided to catch up on my Fall yard work. When I finished, I sat down in my Adirondack Chair under the trees to cool off. I checked my cell phone for a while. At one point a few sprinkles fell. Two very tiny droplets landed on middle of my phone glass. As I looked at them I they looked like minute rubies and emeralds, depending on which way I turned the phone in the light.
I wondered how many people would have wiped the phone and missed the rubies. Very similar to life. If we take time to look around us, we might just find some sparkling rubies and emeralds in people we would usually pass over.

Raindrops on the glass
Refracted rubies sparkle
Fall rainbow compressed
Into tiny water drops
Look closely before they’re gone

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Living on the Edge


This week I now have over 800 followers on Word Press. It is a wonderful connection to the world. To write on a regular basis is to live on the edge of inspiration. To continually find subjects to write about I find I must be in tune to everything around me. Most poems begin with simply a line or an idea and are developed from there. Sometimes I go to my  photo file and find one that becomes my inspiration for a poem. My writing flows from my everyday life. Anything can be a source of inspiration if one is aware of what is going on around him/her. Reading your blogs is often a source or inspiration as well. I try to follow those who are following me. Your comments and likes are greatly appreciated. Thank You!

Edge of Inspiration
Living on the edge of inspiration
Brings everything into focus
Allows one to see and hear
What might have been missed
Living on the edge leaves
More to be experienced
Light and dark it all stands out
Shadows bring perspective
Mind sharpness makes everything clear
Watchfulness brings new joys
Seeing what would have been missed
Small things around us
We mostly ignore and walk on by
Beauty inspires thankfulness
For richness we see and treasure
Not in money or things collected
Simply experiential joy for what is
Recognition of nature’s wonders
Surrounding us each day
Letting go of the trivial
Noting the obvious
But through understanding eyes
Leaving one speechless
Writing rich poetry                                                                                                                         For others to devour


Photo: Dwight L. Roth



Christipher blowing Dandilions 001

The wonders of nature

always amaze

those who take the time

to find joy

in the experience of awareness!



Photo: Dwight L. Roth