Love and Anger

Love is the skin of the soul…

Anger is the shadow that follows you

And, in the dark of night it becomes you

Love is face to face welcomed reality

Anger is that dark distorted part

Hauntingly eerie and frightening

Love lights the way leaving no shadow

No need to look back and wonder…

What part is trailing along behind

Love is the skin of the soul

bringing life and light to everyone

Healing the heart

Wrapping us in the divinity

With which we were created


Photo: Dwight L. Roth


Root of bitterness

Attaches deep within your soul

Like rusty barbed wire

Twisted pain stretched tight

Anger embedded in flesh

Forgiveness removes the barbs

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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Say “I Love You”

IMG_0468 (2).JPG

“I Love You”
Don’t let a day go by without love
A word a smile a touch
Given over and over again
Like your favorite song. it never grows old
Don’t let a day go by without love
One never knows what is to come
Breath takes only seconds to leave
The soul takes rise // the body holds no life
Say I love you with a smile
Don’t let a day go by without love
A helping hand // a word of encouragement
Light and fire to revive and lift the soul
Bring joy and happiness to all
Show you care // say it with love
Don’t let a day go by without love
No matter how you feel
What’s said in anger pierces the heart
Draining out love’s reserves
Words of love are saved in the heart
Remembered forever // treasured gifts
Don’t let a day go by without love
Put Id and Ego aside
Express your love to the one you love
Let them know you care
Who knows when this day will be your last
A chance to say, “I Love you” // could soon be passed

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

What’s Eating You


No matter how tall you might be

No matter how strong your limbs

Or beautiful your foliage

What’s eating at your core

Can bring you down


Unwelcome changes come

When we internalize what’s eating us

Time for a change of attitude

Live life positively


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, De Jackson asked us to consider change and write a Quadrille of 44 words.  I have a large beautiful maple in my back yard that I discovered is being eaten by termites. It won’t be very long until a big wind comes along and takes it down. The same is true with us as well. This is my Quadrille about changing our way of thinking to live longer!

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Down the Drain


At the end of life our usefulness seems to get put on the shelf

Our limbs don’t always work as well as they once did

Inside // the heart still pumps round and round while we wait

Knowing our plowing days have ended and our decorative days are here


Life is full of ups and downs that could leave us in a turmoil at the end

As the coals of life burn down some choose to drown their sadness

Others simply throw in the towel and give up // feeling, “What’s the use?”

Many grow bitter and make life difficult for all who care


As I look back on my life, I see my brain as the drain that filters out the big stuff

Keeping the traumatic and the wonderful // letting the rest go right down the drain

Not sweating the small stuff // attempting to save some good to pass on down the line

I choose to not go gently  // rather to stay focused // letting creativity flow

Knowing that in the end most of who we are will go right on down the drain


Photos: Dwight L. Roth


Clouds in Black and White

IMG_1545 clouds


My wife took these photos as we were returning home to Charlotte, NC this week. They were specular in color, but I wanted to see how they would come out in Black and White. I love the contrast that shows up in these thunderheads.  You could see the displaced anger boiling up inside these clouds. Can you hear the silent rumblings? What rage could stir up this much emotion?

Angry thoughts rise up

Thunderheads churn silent rage

Waiting to explode

IMG_1536 clouds

IMG_1551 clouds

IMG_1554 clouds

IMG_1600 clouds

IMG_1607 clouds

IMG_1609 clouds

Photos from iPhone SE: Ruth A. Roth

Frank Hubney, at d’Verse, asked us to write  a Haibun that refers to silent words. They could be words running through our head, or things we see that speak to us or inspire us. I chose to write about hearing what the clouds might be saying as these giant thunderheads form on the horizon. Come join us at d’Verse:





My faith in God is not something to be proved. Rather it is something to be believed and lived. Faith is a belief about truth, with a little experience that helps reinforce it. I have found faith to be rather elusive at times in my life.

When all is well faith comes easy, but when “life happened”, as it does to all of us, it threw me for a loop! I was spiraling downward fast with no answers in sight.  My prayers went unanswered. Things seemed out of control. There was no way I could fix things. The only thing I had left was faith that God was in control, and things would work out for my good. Even then I had my doubts. I was frustrated and angry.

Through it all, I found prayer was what I needed to change me, not others. In time, and with help from some good counselors, life finally got back on track. I learned a lot about myself and about God. It definitely changed my understanding of faith. A lot of what I thought was faith was mostly culture and religion, but my belief in God and his eternal providence and grace is still strong.

Burning through blackness

Spring sun rises // Dark is light

Grace for the graceless


Mish asked us to write a Haibun about some aspect of faith. It has to be written from our experience.  A Haibun has a concise prose segment followed by a  seasonal haiku. Come join us at d’verse.





No change is brought though prayers besought

Unanswered question of century…s past

What happened to the miracles we were taught

    when our call remains unanswered? 

When God sheds tears from heaven no joy is brought…

When we walk through the valley of the shadow

of death… we fear every evil

     of which there are many

     lurking in the shadows

     like fanged creatures waiting to strike

Parents without their children cry with the widows

Raging and venting their anger

      against God and man


“Why was it my child who had to die today?”

Love and grace hide behind the storm clouds… 

Pouring buckets of salty tears over the whole land.

Forty days and forty nights will nare suffice…

No ark prepared for this kind of calamity

     will lift man or beast to the mountain top.

Grief runs deep as God remains in the shadows…

As always, waiting for the clouds of grief to separate

     letting the light and hope shine through once more.


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

My Little Bag of Stones


What do you do with your anger when you feel mistreated? Do you explode and let out all of your frustrations hoping to make peace later? Or, do you internalize your feelings and find them coming out in passive aggressive ways? This poem speaks to the second way of dealing with these feelings. It uses the concept of collecting stones of hurt to use at some later time to throw back at the one who caused the pain, or in some cases at anyone who might be in your path.

My Little Bag of Stones                                      

My little bag of stones all shiny and smooth

Serves me very well when I am hurt

Little memories stashed away

Some are small some are large

Traumatic events harsh words stabs of pain

All tucked neatly into my little bag

Waiting for just the right time

Displaced anger dysfunctional relationships

Objects of wrath inflicting pain

Lashing out with subtle intent

Trying to compensate for past mistakes


Stones saved neatly in the bag

Passive aggression stored for the future

Never finding satisfaction totally depressed

Weighing me down

Always carrying my heavy load

In my little bag of stones