Feral Cats

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The people have long gone. The house is falling down, but not empty. A group of feral cats moved in to make themselves at home. I saw this old house when I went back to visit my home town a couple of years ago. The big gray cat on the post seems to be the leader of the pack.

Wild cats find a home
Old abandon house shelters
All from winter’s cold

People have gone but
Cats remain // a feral pack
Guilty neighbors come
Bringing trays of food for them
Keeping their distance they eat

Never experience human touch


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Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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Today at d’Verse our prompt is wild. We are asked to write a quadrille of 44 words. I have chose wild feral cats as my subject.

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Cat House

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As we were traveling down back woods path along the river we saw a black cat sitting on the railroad tracks. On down the road we saw another and another at an opening beside an old house. We stopped and looked in through the yard at a delipidated house of yesteryear with a yard full of several feral cats. They did not seem to be afraid of us and did not seem to be skinny or starving with hunger.  An aluminum tray was lying along the road indicating that someone might be bringing them food. Some of the cats were beautiful but no longer seemed to have anyone to love them. They appeared to live together in this old abandon house.

Cats live in old house

Seeking shelter from fall winds

Living wild and free


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Photos: Dwight L. Roth