Black Walnuts

George Boyer with Nelson Paul & Priscilla 001 (2)

Black walnuts always take me home
Back to the place of my childhood
And to the black walnut tree growing
On the side of the hill above the driveway
Each fall a bushel full lay in crushed array
Uncracked by car tires driving over

59 Chevy at Masontown 001 (2)

Today at d’Verse, De Jackson asked us to write a quadrille of 44 words for our prompt, and use some form of the word Crack. The word crack brought back memories of collecting, shelling, and later, cracking black walnuts to pick out the meat for cookies and eating. The nuts have a tough husk around the outside and need to fall on the ground and deteriorate some before they can be removed. We poured them on the driveway and used the car tires to shell them out. Then, we put them in the basement next to the coal furnace to dry. The shell of the actual nut is very hard and had to be broken with a hammer.

The photo above shows my siblings, with our neighbor, before I was born. You can see the walnut tree on the hill just to the right of the old water pump. The actual drive was created after I was born.

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Remembering the Old Songs

WMBS Uniontown PA 1991 001

The Rock and Roll World lost a music Icon this week. Tom Petty had so many recognizable hits in his career.  There are so many songs that come to mind as I think back over my lifetime. Songs I heard on WMBS in Uniontown, PA as a teenager all come back with the first few notes. Listening to vintage rock and roll in our 59 Chevy still holds a bit of nostalgia for me as I listen to it in my own car today. I thought it was time to dig up this poem to again remind us how significant music is in our lives.


Amazing how our brain works

Saving those songs we used to love

Putting those 45’s in miniature slots

Stashed away in our cranial Juke-Box

When I was sixteen WMBS-AM Radio

Played all the latest pop songs of the sixties

Now I listen to those same songs

On WRBK 90.1- FM oldies in the Carolinas

April Love, Jail House Rock, Love Me Tender

Peggy Sue, Stand By Me, and Oh Donna

Under the Boardwalk and Old Time Rock and Roll

All come back to life the words are there

As I listen to 95.7 “The Ride” in Charlotte

It only takes those first three notes

Amazing how I love those old songs

And yet find it hard to love the new ones

Maybe it has to do with those first impressions

That keeps on playing over and over in my head

Fifty-five years later

I guess I have a Juke-Box for a brain

I guess I’m vintage


Photo Dwight L. Roth



59 Chevy

1959 Black and White

Back then things were pretty much black and white

The TVs the schools and our 59 Chevy

Two little guys not a worry in the world

Cousins at play and pose for me today

One a redhead the other a blond

Rosy cheeks and full of giggles and hats that match

Great friends together sharing a common bond

It was a slower time no cellphone or computers

Just High School football cute cheerleaders

poodle skirts  Elvis and April Love

How fast we grow old as we look back and sigh

Remembering 1959 when we played outside

Batman and Robin were in black and  white

Superman and cartoons and  Jetson’s flight

Dick Tracy was a comic strip so was Ally Oop

Lone Ranger and Tonto gave us all a big whoop

Had so much fun as we screamed and shouted

Running through the woods with wild abandon

Daniel Boone Davy Crockett and coon skin caps

We learned just as much we were still just as smart

In our black and white world where we played all alone


Photo: Dwight L. Roth