Dabbling in Watercolors


I was invited to do a painting session with the after-school reading program sponsored by our Weddington Methodist Church Monroe campus. It is a bi-lingual church and the students who come are from local Latino families. I decided to do watercolors since they are less messy and easy to clean up.

I did a few sketches beforehand and had them printed on140# paper. We decided to try the turtle. About eight to ten children showed up and we painted for about a hour. I learned that we will need wider brushes for the next session. Even so, the children had a good time and stayed focused as they followed me painting the turtle. The picture above showed some of their results. We had a great time. They ranged from kindergarten to fifth grade. Below are some of the sketches I tried to see what might work.

Watercolors run

as blues blend with yellow hues

Dip and brush is key


After school kids create joy

Perfection is not the goal

Click on the painting to enlarge:

Watercolor paintings: Dwight L. Roth


48 thoughts on “Dabbling in Watercolors

  1. Oh wow Dwight, what an awesome project to do with these children. Bravo for taking the time to tap into their inner artist and to also be a part of a fellowship these children needed. You spoke to them in the universal language of art! I love this my dear friend. Thanks so much for sharing your passion with others. πŸ₯°πŸŽ¨πŸ€—

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  2. Watercolors are Wonderful but so elusive! But, you don’t have to be a master to enjoy them! Here is a really great book on watercolor that I have loved. Well, worth the hardcover price on Amazon though my copy was bought years ago. It Has amazing examples of abstract watercolors fashioned from nature!!

    Check it out:



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