Fond Memories (for Priscilla and Don)

Christmas at Priscilla's 2

This is a follow up to my post yesterday about our travels to my family reunion. My sister responded that there were so many fond memories of those times. I decided to write a follow-up sharing some of those memories for us all.


So many fond memories of our family get-togethers”

The spacious snow-covered house on high street in Akron

A great place for twenty-one relatives to meet for a day

Our children were small, impressionable, and fun

B J the cat was old and stayed out of the way and on the run


Some came bringing homemade fudge others brought games

Talking and laughter floated from all corners of the house

Game competition was fierce, followed by that hearty laugh of Jay’s

The next round was much the same as nuts and fudge went down

while most of the adults laughed and talked as they sat around


Around the fireplace burning warm and bright Don pealed oranges

hanging long strips on the hot screen to shrivel and dry

Dried peels tossed into the fire created a fireworks of sparks

for moments of joy as we watched them fly and die


Don and Priscilla were gracious hosts welcoming us warmly

taking our coats…reminding us to leave shoes at the door

Dirty shoes had no place on the new white carpet

Twenty-one people on fresh carpet was quite an assault


A turkey roasted with spices and sage created smells from

the oven enveloping our nostrils, creating delicious anticipation

Five pounds of potatoes were pealed and boiled in two big pots

When the golden-brown bird came out of the oven steaming hot

gravy was made from all those good juices we were lovin’

A pot full of peas enough for us all and cranberry sauce

and apple sauce to meet everyone’s’ wishes

To top it all off Turkey Hill ice cream became our desert


Gifts were exchanged from names we had drawn

Faces beamed and children exclaimed with each present opened

Spirited conversations continued through the afternoon

Diverse views expressed were often vigorously challenged

All went home at the end of the day with minds unchanged


These were memorable experiences full of fun love and happiness

Now the children are grown with families of their own

We siblings are growing old, but these memories we will hold

and look back on them with great fondness


Family Photo





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