The Rockerfeller Christmas Owl

IMG_1413 (2)

A couple of years ago, I saw on the news that a little Saw-whet Owl got trapped in the Rockerfeller Christmas tree and was transported to New York City. The workers found him in the tree when they got ready to set it up at Rockerfeller Center. I thought it was a great story and decided to write a children’s book. Since many of you are from all over the world, I am offering a free copy of the book to you in e-form on a printable pdf. file. You are welcome to use it for your personal use or for classroom use if you are a teacher.  It is about twenty pages long. Below are a few of the pages for you to see. 

If you would like a free pdf. file, email me at: and request one. (Some of you may have gotten this from an earlier post)

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US and everyone around the world!

IMG_1422 (2)

Story and illustrations by: Dwight L. Roth       (c) 11-2020 all rights reserved.


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