The Weave of History

Rag Rugs

When I was very young, I am told there was a rag man who came from house to house collecting pieces of cloth that no longer had much use. He took those pieces and wove them into rag rugs which he then sold to earn money. For many years my mother had one, very similar to the one in the picture, on the floor in front of our kitchen sink! 

Everyone wants their stories told about what happened to their ancestors in the past. Obviously, we cannot tell every detail of every story, so bits and pieces of the truth are woven together to make what we understand to be our collective history.

History is woven like a rag rug

pieces woven together to make a solid tapestry

Colorful, yet never of one truth alone it seems

but of many colors, versions, and perspectives

all woven into a solid mat that we can stand on

to protect ourselves against the cold hard true reality

that we would rather not experience in detail

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50 thoughts on “The Weave of History

  1. What an amazing poem and lesson Dwight. Life is full of bits and pieces of history that will propel us forward if we allow the lessons to sink in! 😎🌟🌞💖🥰 I don’t know of too many people who did not have a rug like this in their homes. I love the way you broke the message down my friend. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


  2. So beautiful to think that like those rags nothing goes to waste in the stories we tell to each other and the many-colored tapestry that gets woven in the process. It makes me think of how stitches dive under and up again and how that diving deep beneath brings up and out the beauty that then becomes visible to us. Thank you for this beautiful picture. Oh what a lesson there is in turning rags into treasure – beauty is in the eye of the beholder 😊.

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