Nature’s Spice

IMG_3156 (2)

The mighty oak spreads high overhead against the sky

Loaded with thousands of acorns turning from hues of basil

to crushed chili pepper topped with shades of anise and coriander.

Leaves turn to cinnamon and paprika as they fall to the ground

to be crushed in a mortar of earth and ground with pestle of feet

bringing richness and spice, nature’s seasoning, to the soil below.

Acorns carpet bomb overwhelming the ground like falling peppercorns

Seeds for the future guaranteeing new growth

Providing food for squirrels and deer throughout the cold winter.

Some put down roots for the future of us all.

IMG_4450 (3)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Merril asked us to spice up our poems today by choosing three or more of the spices from a list she gave us. She said it could be related to cooking or how ever we wished to use them. I decided to use the metaphorically in nature.

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60 thoughts on “Nature’s Spice

  1. I am a fan of the mighty oak, Dwight, and we have several dotted around our village, all ‘loaded with thousands of acorns’ and turning just the way you describe it. I love the metaphor: ‘crushed in a mortar of earth and ground with pestle of feet’.

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  2. As a fellow tree hugger, I really enjoyed the way you honoured the mighty oak in this piece, spicing it up with beautiful descriptions. Acorns are so amazing to me. I used to sing an adorable song about acorns to children in our preschool programs, which they loved. Before we’d start, I would pass out one acorn to each child to examine and hold while we sang. Fun times.

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