Stings and Sweetness

Chris's bees

Stings and Sweetness

“If we want to eat their honey, must we put up with their stings?“

        As I was reading Judy Dykstra-Brown’s post, I came across this line. Bears have always known this and still they search for the honey. We have come up with suits to prevent the stings.

        I realized that this is true of most relationships as well. Whether it be children or spouse, family or friends, we will have to put up with some stings in order to enjoy the benefits of being together. But in some relationships, you must keep your distance, or you will be stung to death!

Thorns guard roses

Bees guard their honey

Both must be carefully navigated

To enjoy their sweetness


People are much the same

Sharp tongues guard fragile egos

Clothed in self-confidence

We bring out their sweetness


“If we want to eat (enjoy) their honey, we must put up with their stings,,, “

Chirs's bees 4

Photos: Chris Roth   

Click below to read Judy’s post:

The Vacant Lot | lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown (

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