Chasing Windmills


Slowly floating down the canal at Kinderdjik, we looked up amazed at the giant windmills. We were told that people lived in the windmills and there was a waiting list for those who wanted to live in one. It was a beautiful, serene site, the bank lined with reeds and ducks floating nearby.

About half-way down the row of Windmills, I looked up, surprised to see a young girl perched on small shelf peaking over the big steel wheel that turned the windmill into the wind. She seemed to find it interesting to watch all the tourists come and go wondering why they were so captivated by what she simply considered to be home.

As we approached, her mother, behind the reeds, was hanging their clothes on a line to dry. This is a much simpler life than most of us live. It is a wonderful place to come of age.

Looking up I see 

Girls’ shy eyes peering at us

Wash dries in sunshine

EER_0360 (3)

EER_0355 (2)

EER_0365 (3)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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65 thoughts on “Chasing Windmills

    • An interesting question. I live in a development of six hundred houses!! Our HOA bylaws say we are not alowed to hang clothes out on a line to dry! We sometimes stretch a line in the garage and hang my heavy wet jeans. When I was young we strung a line across the back yard and my mom hung her clothes on it with a big long clothes prop in the middle. Monday was wash day. Ringer washer and washtub rinse.

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      • I can’t imagine clothes lines being banned here, though in Paris you’re not allowed to hang clothes out of the window to dry. Tourists think it looks squalid.
        It seems so footling, worrying about being able to see washing, like pretending nobody ever uses the toilet. Seems to me it would be more appropriate to have bylaws about how much green lawn/desert you’re allowed in relation to planted areas, how often you can shave it, to regulate the use of pesticides, to leave some areas wild etc etc.
        Our notions about what is nice, proper, tidy are outdated and unsustainable now. But, nobody likes their cage rattling, do they?

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      • You are right we do have our priorities screwed up it seems. Than you for you interesting response. I found your use of the word footling most interesting! :>)


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