Digital Woolly Worm

IMG_9756 (2)

I saw a green wooly worm today

sitting very still and pretty

Not your usual orange and black

but little itty-bitty

A digital worm I supposed,

from all those black antennae

I wondered what channel he listened to,

for there are so very many

IMG_9763 (2)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Quadrille day at d’Verse… the prompt is Wrap.

For more information on the American Dagger Moth click here:


64 thoughts on “Digital Woolly Worm

  1. Gorgeous.
    I saw one too, but she was obviously in a rush. Perhaps doing last minute dinner shopping for her gang.
    I watched as she crossed the street. Yes, she took the long way, but she sure knew where she was going.
    Perhaps the best dandelions in town! 😃 thanks for the lovely poem and photos XoXo

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