Geometric Strength

EER_0399 (4)

Triangles form curved

arches spanning New River

Solid steel rainbow

EER_0405 (3)

Cars hum on asphalt

Tractor trailors test its strength

Fractals of steel rust


Winding steps go down

Stairway to “Almost Heaven…”

“West Virginia”

Photos of New River Bridge: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse, Lisa asked us to reflect on fractals and how they could be used in poetry. They are small replicas within reflecting a larger whole. The New River Bridge crosses the New River Gorge in West Virginia. I drove across it and then stopped and took some photos. It is most impressive to see. The way the steel is put together… small triangles creating and arch which creates large triangles on each side of the bridge… is amazing. I wrote in Haiku creating poetic fractals of the larger whole poem.  Hopefully my understanding of this is correct.

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48 thoughts on “Geometric Strength

  1. Dwight, the bridge and the stairways “Almost [to] Heaven” are impressive architectural fractals. Thank you for showing me how to look at them in a new way by linking them together. Nice use of haiku to link images as bits of a whole concept. Great effort that created wonderful gestalt.

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  2. Gorgeous bridge, Dwight, and the haiku are exquisite! ❤ Though my knowledge of fractals is rudimentary, I am overcome by the beautiful symmetry of the bridge. The rusty metal is a lovely contrast with the green trees.

    Somebody must like going to the New River very much to build the zigzagging stairs! A fisherman, maybe? Have a great day, Dwight! 🙂


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