Knowing Our Limitations

Jason at the Ocean 001

After reading the blogpost *“Existence of Sand”, I began thinking further on the subject from a little different perspective. These are my thoughts.

Knowing Our Limitations

Children build castles in the sand

Knowing they won’t last

Washed away in the high tide

Walls and moats and shells

do not stop the tide from wiping

the shore clean

And the next day

they do it all over again

Just like children we create our castles

full of detail and embellishments

Building walls around us

we seek protection

from fear, war, and destruction

We buy guns thinking they will protect us

Move into clustered communities

of people just like ourselves

Erecting monuments

we hope to be remembered


But just like grains of sand

these too will go

The high tide hits us all in time

Wiping the slate clean

over and over

again and again

And someone else will build

their castle on our shore


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

*Check out this interesting post:

Existence of Sand – Kaushal Kishore (

38 thoughts on “Knowing Our Limitations

  1. Such beautiful imagery and life connections for all of us Dwight. I love this.
    These lines:

    “Erecting monuments

    we hope to be remembered


    But just like grains of sand

    these too will go”

    What I love is that it matters not how long we stay but that we were there! lovely! 💖💖

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  2. Lovely lines, Dwight! What an adorable response poem! So beautiful and so realistic! There is nothing permanent in this world that you have expressed so meaningfully. That’s a perspective that I truly appreciate. Thank you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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