A Nest in My Hat

“You cannot keep birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair”/hat ― Martin Luther


I have an old straw hat that I wear on hot sunny days as I mow the yard.  When I am done, I hang it upside down between two shelf braces in my garage. My garage door is often open as I am in and out of the house. Seems my little wren wondered into the garage and found my hat a perfect place to make a nest. Last week when I decided I needed it to mow the yard, I took my hat down and this is what I found. This is the second time I found a nest being made in my hat.

Straw hat inviting

little wren, “Come build your nest!”

Squatter evicted

DSC_0209 (2)


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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96 thoughts on “A Nest in My Hat

  1. Your hat does seem a perfect fit, if not the best location. I had to remove a nest from the inside of an outdoor umbrella. All that work! Poor little bird. Hopefully it moved on to a more permanent location.

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  2. Oh there is no fruits, we use the leaves to cook Nasi Lemak ( coconut rice) only available in Malaysia & Singapore. We use the leaves to get green coloring, the leaves also can be used to be sewed into small looking boats to put desserts in. The fragrance of the leaves are lovely.

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  3. We have a second set of lovey doves that nested in one of our hanging plants. It’s delightful to watch the babies being fed and learning to fly. The cutest part is when the babies coo, it’s like only a half a coo.

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