Northern Lights: Nature’s Fireworks

IMG_9589 (2)

In Northern Alberta where my wife grew up, Northern Lights were a common occurrence in the night sky. I have only seen photos of them, but I wanted to see if I could paint a picture that somewhat resembled them. This is a view of her home that I got from a couple of old photos. The painting is 30″ x 40″.Β  We had a break in the heat this past weekend, so I was able to work on this one.

Northern Lights glowing

across the cold winter sky

Nature’s best fireworks


Dwight L. Roth

Here is one for all my blogging friends in the Southern Hemisphere! First day of winter for you!

Sharing this with d’Verse Poets Pub for Frank’s Summer/Winter Solstice prompt.

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I realized after I finished that I had the perspective for the workshop on the left turned the wrong way. It should have been perpendicular to the house and parallel with the garden fence.Β  So now two months later I repainted the workshop in the right direction and added some color to the houses along with a few more tweaks. See what you think.

IMG_9954 (2)

47 thoughts on “Northern Lights: Nature’s Fireworks

  1. I’m glad you continue to paint, Dwight! This painting of your wife’s home and the northern light is wonderful. I want to see the northern light someday. My sister and her husband saw it in Canada also. πŸ™‚

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  2. Way behind in my visiting Dwight. CHF setback, angioplasty, heart stents β€” and now COVID, 🫀 Finished my 30-pill Paxlovid regimen, and I am feeling on the upswing. I love this painting my friend! My adoptive father went to our little co-owned wilderness island outside Espanola Ontario twice every summer to fish. We would often see the Aurora Borealis on chilly nights. It was so amazingly surreal, as the sun went down, loons calling across the lake, and those Northern Lights beginning to flow and dance across the sky, colors getting more vivid the darker it got, with a backdrop of a million stars, because there were no lights of civilization anywhere to pollute the blackness of the Canadian night β€” wow, just magnificent. ! I’d sit on our old wooden boat dock, water gently lapping on the big stones along the shore of the little island, and off the sides of my dad’s aluminum fishing boat β€” absolutely hypnotized. Those are still vivid memories Dwight, some of the best if my life.

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    • Thank you Rob, for sharing these wonderful memories with us. It must have been quite spectacular. I am glad this brought back these good memories for you.
      Sorry to hear of your physical difficulties. Glad you are feeling some better. Hang in there my friend!


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