The Natural Air Conditioner

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As I stay in my house with the air conditioner running full blast, I dream of a return to the natural cool found in the Pisgah National Forest. Trees are Nature’s air conditioner, and the cool water of the mountain waterfall is more refreshing than any artificial cool.  The rocks above show the upheaval of the Earth’s tumultuous past, while downstream the water flattens out to a wonderful calm place for people to swim.

Summer heatwave

Making birds and people pant

Dreams of a cool stream

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IMG_6143 (2)

Photos of Looking Glass Falls: Dwight L. Roth

58 thoughts on “The Natural Air Conditioner

  1. Lots of people are sharing that dream today, {{{Dwight}}}. Here in Ennis we have a warm wind howling at 82 degrees. Not a bad temperature, but with the breeze it makes outside activities a challenge.

    The temperature
    Can be very deceiving
    More to consider

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