Sri and Dwight 2022 (2)

I met my friend Sri last week for lunch. We had a wonderful time catching up with life and family and changes. He knows I have a sweet tooth, so he bought me a large cinnamon bun for dessert. I split it and we both enjoyed this shared experience. Good friends are wonderful and make life a joy.


Some think life’s choices are about being right or wrong

I believe my choices are more about how life makes me feel

The love of another, the joy of a child, the compassion of a friend

Life is about that connection I feel when someone gets me and I them

That connection of interaction and validation beyond the superficial

A person can follow all the rules and “do things right”

and still be miserable, if that feeling of connection is missing

Life for me is about sharing the joy I feel with others

in spite of knowing some will never quite understand who I am

It is the appreciation that comes with kind affirmation

that renews and restores my confidence in myself

Life that is only about being right or wrong is a very cold life

For me, life is about feeling and loving deeply and caring for others

It is what makes my life worthwhile


Photo selfie: Sriam B.


36 thoughts on “Feelings

  1. That’s so beautiful, Dwight. Lovely you were able to meet with your treasured friend, Sri, also. Such a happy photo of you two together. Genuine love and friendship is so beautiful. I am so thankful for the dear friends (and my husband and kids) with whom I have that heart to heart connection.

    I am still healing from a childhood, where I learnt to detach from my pure emotions to be “a good girl”, to be “acceptable” and to “belong”, deciding that I could no longer trust those pure emotions pulsing through me. I still sometimes find myself detaching from how I feel, to “do the right thing” – and then the emotions hit me in full force days later. I look forward to heaven and being completely in psynch – body, mind and soul. In the meantime, I am thankful to God for His grace, also through those He has gifted me, who have loved me where I am at.

    I now find myself praying more and more for little children around the world, who know a trauma so much greater and deeper than my own and have completely detached from their emotions to survive – never having tasted pure and genuine love. It breaks my heart.

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    • Thank you, Anna, for your heartfelt comments. It was great to get together with Sri. We have been friends for some time.
      Sorry to hear of your difficult childhood. I am glad you are working through some of those issues.


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