Cherries and Berries

IMG_E9530 (2)

I decided to work on a new painting today. I thought I would do a watercolor painting, but it seems old habits die hard. My watercolor turned into an acrylic style painting. Guess I will have to keep on practicing!  The painting is of three big cherry trees in the field on my uncle’s farm. The fence along the lane had some great red raspberry bushes. I am afraid mine turned out looking more like roses. Oh well.

Bing cherry trees

 stand tall on the hillside

silhouetted against the mountain

Red raspberries cling to the old fence row

Ripening, ready for picking on the Fourth of July


turns into an acrylic

Painting: Dwight L. Roth

41 thoughts on “Cherries and Berries

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  2. so pretty Dwight ND THE LIGHT IS JUST PERFECT. They kindo of do look like the rose pics I shot last night but no one would have know, unless you pointed it out. Regardless of the paint, your poem and painting are 10’s to me!!! 👏👏👏

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  3. Let’s just say that this is artistic interpretation Dwight, berries vs. roses. Either way, we would not have known if you didn’t tell us! LOL 🤭🎨🥰 Still, I love it and you amaze me with the great work that you create my dear friend.

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