Only One Ticket to Ride

Like the Petals of a Rose (2)

Aging brings so much angst…

Knowing it would happen is no help

as the petals of life begin to fade.

I count… she loves me she loves me not

as our expectations rise and fall

like a Carrowinds coaster

with its ups and downs and loop-t-loops.

Knowing the ride is about over is no help.

Coasting into the exit I exhale

trying to maintain meaning and purpose

knowing I only get one ride.

As friends slowly exit ahead of me

I mourn their passing and grieve my losses.

Aging makes me question my existence,

my future, my truth, and my purpose.

Reality is harsh as challenges increase

Loneliness sets in as other coasters roll on by

filled with excitement and wonder.

I cheer them on with a sad heart…

Knowing they too will someday be here.

While the ride was exhilarating

it seems all too short.

Sadly, I only get one ticket to ride.


Painting: Dwight L. Roth


61 thoughts on “Only One Ticket to Ride

  1. Life is indeed a roller-coaster ride Dwight, and your summary of our ageing process is both bitter and sweet, .. as our jourey rolls on …
    “Reality is harsh as challenges increase”

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  2. I love your analogy and roller coaster metaphor of life Dwight!
    So sorry about the continued losses. So many adjustments we have to continue to make as we face our next ride. You have had a beautiful one from what I can see. 💕❤️💕

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  3. There is a song called “If We Were Vampires” by Jason Isbell, the 400 Unit and his wife Amanda Shires. It is the saddest song ever. They sing to each other all we have is about 40 years and then one of us will be alone. Jason is about 43-44 and the realist of deals.

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  4. The more interesting and fun the ride is, the more we want to revisit it. It’s great enough that we got to be a part of this crazy experience. But as you wrote it all seems too short no matter how hard you try to enjoy it.

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  5. Oh Dwight! I feel the poem. We are heading that way too, maybe a little behind you on the ride, so we are beginning to think through these things and experiences losses too. I hope that your ride still takes through joys and pleasure; and is not too bumpy at the finish. Take care Morag 🙋‍♀️🌹

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  6. This is so poignant, so appropriate for today, as my friend, Bernice died yesterday. The rose petals are a perfect metaphor… one day at a time they drop. But first, as I watch my tulip bouquet, they droop!

    I will repost this on my blog today. It’s what I would have written if I had your skill and insight!


  7. A moving reminder to make the most of each day. 🌞 Thank for sharing your beautiful and insightful reflection, Dwight. Life is too short, tis true, but artists have the gift of living forever through their words, paintings, songs, and the many other ways that creatives, like you, express themselves. ✨

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  8. Lovely. It is hard to find meaning and purpose as we age even if we are doing meaningful and purposeful things. Hopefully, we can find the sweetness in these years that are not filled with stress and deadlines like the past. Lord, help us to savor the days You have given us!

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  9. As they say, “Life is a journey, not a destination. “ We will all meet the same end one day, but the people that we loved and lost , the different milestones we reached , the tears we shed and the smiles we shared, all make our rides here in this world exhilaratingly unique. That life is fleeting makes it even more precious. Enjoy the ride.
    Btw, lovely poem and painting.

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