Politics as Usual

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Politics as Usual

Raspy murder of crows sit on the Capital power lines

Feeling the hum of 25,000 volts flow between their claws

Sharpening their lies, innuendos, and accusations

against their rival ravens

Discussing how they can harness all this power

for their own personal gain…

While more children died today

from unpredictable gun violence…

And the Eagle flies and cries alone

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse Ingrid asked to write a poem from the Corvid family of birds.  As the nation morns and parents cry once again, I chose to write about the politicians who can’t seem to get the job done. This time it is 19 elementary school children and 2 teachers in Texas shot today by a deranged teenager, in their school classroom. This is unthinkable! My sad condolences to the families.

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71 thoughts on “Politics as Usual

  1. A powerful juxtaposition, Dwight. Your poem is the first I am learning of this tragedy. Heartbreaking. Your last line drove the message home. A system that repeatedly fails to protect children is beyond broken.

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  2. tragic, they were seven to ten yr. olds. This is incomprehensible. I am so saddened by this.
    I pointed out in an OpEd, that I wrote years ago, that the underlying issues of societal ills need to be addressed; rather, than thinking that dealing with “gun violence,” in and of itself will solve the problem.

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  3. Yes, that was truly tragic. The world’s gone madder, Dwight. It’s very fitting how you referenced the birds as ill omens for what happened, and also noted the fact that crows and ravens are indeed rivals! Not many people know that 🙂

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