Sand and Water

Dwight Chris and Jason at Nags Head 001 (2)

The seventies were a fun time in my life. We loved camping at Emerald Isle Travel-n-Park and climbing over the dunes to get to the wide flat beach below. When you are young, 90 F days and sleeping in an 8×10 canvas tent were not a hardship. Riding the waves on blow-up tubes was so much fun. Playing in the sand with our two boys, collecting shells, and building sand creations were memorable summer events.

Now the boys are grown with children of their own, making memories in the sand and floating on ocean waves. Those times pass so quickly. Cherish every minute you have with your children.

My cute little boys

Fun times in water and sand

with deep summer tans

Jason Playing in the Surf - 1977 001


Photo: Ruth Roth & Dwight L. Roth

Posting this on d’Verse Poets Pub for Frank Tassone’s Haibun Monday prompt of Summer.


52 thoughts on “Sand and Water

  1. Dwight those photos are magnificent. I didn’t realize Ruth was such a good photographer. You’re right about about spending every moment you can with your kids. Those days go too fast, even if they are feeling like they will last forever at the time.

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  2. This is wonderful Dwight! Beautiful pictures, full of life and love… 🙂 …and oh yes, cherish your children, as life may turn quickly and cruelly, and you may never be able too again.

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  3. I’ve spent a few summers in Emerald Isle, those waters are so green. This makes me wish we were going back with our two little ones. Thanks for sharing these joyful memories with us. I’m excited for another summer filled with memories with my two little ones.

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  4. They do grow up fast. Cherish every moment is profound advise.
    Both my daughter and son are long grown to adulthood and have flown the nest but still I luv being a mom.

    Happy you dropped by my blog Dwight

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