We are of One Blood

IMG_2736 (4)

When self-preservation

at all cost

overrides our understanding

of humanity,

Ideologies arise

blinding us to the truth

that we are all of

One Blood

that pumps

through our veins


with you or me

regardless of color

race or ethnicity,

Life-saving blood


that we are all one

in the midst of

our diversity,

but not exclusive

in value

or superior in


We are humanity

created in the image

of our creator

Spiritual channels

of light

in the darkness

We are hope and comfort…

not death and destruction.


My sad condolences to the people of Buffalo whose family members were attacked and killed yesterday by a raving lunatic who thought his humanity was greater in value than the lives of others who were different from him.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

39 thoughts on “We are of One Blood

  1. Unfortunately, people too often use religion to divide rather than unite. How can something meant to bring out the best in us end up bringing out the worst? Your poem states the truth. We need to look at what unites us, not what divides us.

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  2. I am listening now to reports about who each of those dear 10 people were – the children/loved ones they left behind. Such tragic losses. Such lovely people! So senseless. My heart aches.


  3. Crazy how possessed humanity can become by hate. Praise God light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. Your poem is beautiful.

    Just read your lullaby post too: proof of you and your family living out the words you write. Neat to read that your grandson was adopted at the same age as we adopted my little brother from Romania. May God continue to reveal His redemption in your grandson’s life, using all fresh triggers to bring into the light all that’s still hidden in darkness, so that God may comfort him and bind up his wounds, turning what the enemy meant for evil into good. And I pray that for my own little (now adult) brother too. Much love across the oceans

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    • Thank you so much, Anna, for your kind response. He is coming along well and is a beautiful growing boy, full of life and energy. His parents are doing a good job guiding and helping to shape his life in a
      positive way. Thanks for sharing your story as well.


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