Mom with my two sons on her 93rd birthday

An acrostic poem for my dear mother who has now been gone for 15 years:


Mom who worked tirelessly to provide and care for our family

Outstanding loving mother and supportive wife to my father

Teacher of religious and moral values both, at home and in Sunday School

Helper and caregiver to those in need, including hobos who came by

Entertained guests at our Sunday dinner table from all races and classes

Respected and appreciated by everyone who knew her until she died at 93


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

34 thoughts on “MOTHER

  1. What a beautiful acrostic poem to pay tribute to your beautiful mother Dwight. What a blessing that she lived to this age. I know you miss her terribly, but she can never escape your heart my friend! Please tell Ruth Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy the rest of your evening. 🤗💖🥰🌺😍🦋🤩

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